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18 years ago, our adventure began in Germany. Today, we are considered a global franchise company for the development, financing, and construction of high-tech green centres worldwide. Our goal is to support all cities in environmental issues, energy, and alternative meat production. Our feedstock is all kinds of raw waste, which we grind into nanopowder with VORTEX mills, sort out the elements and feed them to the 3D Kinetic Fusion printers for product prototyping and industrial manufacturing.

Our policy is simple: we join any entrepreneur, financial institution, designer, university, scientist and engineer willing to support us. Any help is welcome in our technology, finance or marketing department. They meet for teamwork AVIS teams and franchise partners to find solutions together and work towards the completion of the project.

To cover our immense project costs, we have developed a unique financial model. Our financial system was launched in London in 2007 and from there has spread globally. Since then, we have raised significant amounts of capital for construction. We hold our funds on our servers, in correspondent banking networks, and in merchant accounts.

In recent years, the cash flow of the world's major capitals or petrodollars has flowed into the green projects. We could experience a really positive behaviour of capital providers. Our project has been rated as a safe home for all these funds by AVIS Bank and AVIS Capital.

To facilitate the transfer of funds, we have developed a unique banking system to direct funds unimpeded to a developer's or franchisor's location and to the various sectors we are working on. Our IT members work every day to fine-tune the banking technology of AVIS Bank.

Creating a franchise system with a global footprint was the right formatting. Every interested team member or franchise partner gets a share in our corporate structure. At the right time, we transform our companies into a joint stock company “AVIS SPVs” for global trading on AVIS Exchange.

Our marketplace, when completed, will be the financial and technological HUB of the next generation of lifestyle sales as a digital, interactive 3D metaverse in QUANTUM technology.



2005 — The AVIS Global Energy team is made up of a variety of highly skilled engineers, scientists, bankers, inventors, and industry managers with the goal of developing an alternative green energy project that will make a difference around the world.

The original Waste-to-Petrol technology was developed by Dipl. Ing. Schraufenstetter of Munich, Germany and Dr. Dr. Rammensee, of Colonia University, Germany.


In all these years, we have been able to improve our technologies enormously compared to the test facility set up 15 years ago at the Siemens industrial plant in Fuerth and in Munich

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2013 — In Spain, the first industrial plant for the production of agro-cold conversion gasoline was put into operation

2017 – We have decided to replace the waste grinding technology for the production of nanopowder with VORTEX power air mills

The decision was made against the background that oil-based energy production will soon end


During the R&D and development period, we have obtained construction land, licences, logistics, infrastructure, financial support, and banking systems in almost every country in the world to help us move forward.

Today, our group has grown into a global franchise company with over fifty branches and more than one hundred franchise members. We have built our digital QUANTUM bank, and the construction funds we have accumulated over 17 years cover almost all construction costs at our international contract locations.

In 2022, we have decided to build a major high-tech centre in Spain for manufacturing equipment for our green energy industrial parks. Read more about

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