The AVIS Green Ambassador Program


The below-listed persons are the only duly honoured green ambassadors and authorized to represent the AVIS Group in its affairs and business relations international

(if you enter into business with an AVIS Group Member, please make sure you deal with a duly authorized Ambassador of AVIS. 

For any possible doubt upload below your document for authentication) 

Rosemarie Schell with sol signatory rights, level15WWPROGRAM-min.jpeg?1649150022967

Helmut Koenig with sol signatory rights, level15

Alfred Schedler with sol signatory rights, level15

Gerda M. Koenig with sol signatory rights, level15 

Diego Thieleman with representing rights 

Christian Lacroix with representing rights 

Sergyi Solod with joint signatory rights 

Chris Brown with representing rights 

Boris Gritskevich with joint signatory rights 

Alevanau Aliaksandr with joint signatory rights 

Adolfo Pumar with joint signatory rights 

Wilfried Schraufstetter with joint signatory rights 

Mohammed Mandeel with joint signatory rights (UAE) 

Assaad Kanso with joint signatory (UAE)

Bob Flockarth with joint signatory rights 

Nancy Loehle with joint signatory rights 

Reinhard Hazbun with joint signatory rights 

Sharz Malik with representing rights 

Francisco Rodriguez Jimenez with legal representing rights 

Michael Carrick with representing rights 

Boris Gritskevich with joint signatory 

Chavez Jairo Restrepo with legal representing rights 

Jairo Restrepo Chavez with joint signatory rights

Andrew Restrepo with joint signatory rights

Alexandra Restrepo with joint signatory rights

Viresh Patel with joint signatory rights

Ragen Amin with joint signatory rights 

Mykhailo Solod with joint signatory rights 

Ariel Vallarino with legal representing rights (Panama)

Arturo Vallarino with legal representing rights (Panama) 

Edmond Blake Andrews S. with joint signatory rights

Dr. Sung Harrison Baek with joint signatory

Vince Power with joint signatory

Carlos A. Almengir C. with joint signatory

Iaon Couchman with joint signatory

Bastida-Martinez with joint signatory

196 McDonald Beta

198 Alwyne Homani

198 Barnabas Tapiwa

199 Norbert Nyanyirai


201 Jotham Zvikonyaukwa

202 Atish Dullabh

203 Miranda Chidemo

204 Garikayi Maende

205 Modality Maphosa

206 Nour Ali Dawi

207 Ramazi Alafandi

209 Pelagia Chimhini

211 Tambudzai Mandisodza

218 Temba Ruvingo

219 Farai Chirikure

220 Paul Chapotarongo

224 Ramzi Allen

225 Danial A. Siddiqui

226 Lucas Cruz

Please describe and upload the documents you wish to authenticate. 

We will respond latest within 24 hours.

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