3 Green city development organic 3D printed

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PHASE 1_______________________________________________________________ 

Adapting of exiting 100,000m2 Industrial Facilities for manufacture of Simmtronics High-tech electronic products, Graphene research and industrial production and VORTEX Nano Powder mills 3D printing in graphene and titanium. 
University installation together with https://www.hanyang.ac.kr/web/...  
and  production of 3different types of generators for the generation of free electricity. 
3D printer valuation test department with TITOMIC and prototyping production centre including robot printer test centre. 
General generation of green energy technology research centre units. 
Adapting the exiting harbour infrastructure for the discharge of rubbish import up to 20.000.000 metric tons. 
and  Installing 250, *15 MT-Vortex mill-units for the waste conversion into 3D Nano Powder.  
and  Installing 100, 3D Printer processing units for Industrial Products. 

PHASE 2_______________________________________________________________

5 Units 10.0 Ha ‘’State of the Art’’ - high teach tropical glass greenhouse and the Installation in cooperation with a Combined Heat & Cooling Power station. 
2500 Mt organic fish production unit and a zero-energy input building for packing vegetables and fish. 
2GW electro generators technology – Hydrogen Magnetic Dynamo & next-generation atom reactors
Start TAX Free Zone Corporate Register. 
Start Large Ship Register. 
Start Bank Quantum Server Centre. 
Waste Conversion Capacity: >20.000.000 metric tons (phase I plus phase II) 

PHASE 3______________________________________________________________

3D Paradise City Construction for 500.000 to 1.000.000 peoples 


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