Fish Farm high tech facility

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The price shown is a calculation for a basic assembling of equipments. Final prices are variables depending on the final formatting required at the host. 


Scalable Fish Growing Farm

a)  Cost of excavating and preparing the construction site depends on local geological and topographic conditions.
b)  Heating/cooling and energy systems depend on local climatic conditions and suitability of renewable sources.
c)  Packaging costs (labour and materials) for 250 tons of production depend on desired form of packaged product and local costs.
d)  Office costs (furniture, equipment, expendables, salaries, etc.) not included e)  The above figures represent the at-cost price of one production unit.

Modular Fish Growing Unit


Fast R.O.I.. Protected, stable investment. Huge, fast-growing market.


Latest technologies, automation, smart systems. Low maintenance & full control (24/7 remote monitoring).


Cutting-edge fish biology & growing methods. Completely controlled growing environment & factors.


Much lower production costs; low labor, water & energy. No loss of fish to disease, escapes or severe weather. No loss of valuable fish feed. No damage to facilities or loss of equipment due to weather or accidents. Fish produced near point of consumption.


No pollution, antibiotics, chemicals, or hormones. Energy self-sufficient through renewables. Intensive water purification & recycling.


Fully organic. No antibiotics or hormones. No fish diseases.


Solar Panels and CHP and or Biological Fuel Cell Technology


One Modular Production Unit 140m x 6m x 6m for 250 T Fish / year. Including Processing Building. Projects with 4 units of 250.000 tones modules, the building will be adapted on size.

Project Example basic understanding

Project topographic description

Leasing application

Waste key codes

Agriculture requirements examination

Country franchise contract 


Fischfarming (ZimjXjeoD6Hz4CF, 14 Kb) [Download]


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