A financial center embedded in a paradise Smart City, 3D printed by Graphene-Carbon composite


more than 100,000 economical, green-lined luxury apartments and villas

a unique financial “HUB Center” for the digital currency “AVIS Green”, capitalized by off-balance sheet funds of more than 500 billion euros, and government debts converted into country sponsorship traded at the *Victoria Exchange, New York Exchange, LUX Green Exchange and by AVIS Bank, with similar behavior to bitcoins. There is a substantial difference

AVIS Green`s is the only physical and digital money "AG" backed by 60% pure gold and 40% participation at the AVIS Global Green Energy industrial parks. Means…

Thousands of jobs in the fields off

IT and artificial intelligent environment

3D designing, printing and technologies

high-tech and physical research laboratories

team controller of the country debts payback engine

team controller of the country & politic behaviors INDEX platform WhiteWest

Legal Statement: The project presented is one of the AVIS Green Industrial Park Franchise Projects in processing worldwide under similar conditions. AVIS maintains numerous large high-volume developments, whereby a green high-tech paradise city will be constructed into the infrastructure of a waste processing facility. Out of 200 developments the AVIS Teams negotiating, there are more than 25 locations in parallel under structuring with the intention to create a green city and ready for going live 

* In application

**This description serves for presidential valuation purposes only

Tax-free zone, corporate register high-tech & bank centre 

research in IT languages, robotic & artificial intelligence

3D designing and 3D printing manufacturing 

aeronautics & Spacetravailing and shipping 

alternative power generators, e-cars & propulsion

graphene and carbon reasearch & 3D kinetic fusion printing

nano research and adjective industrial manufacturing 

AVIS University centre works in joint Venture with Hanyang University Korea and provides specialized bachelor’s & awards for the tomorrow jobs


digital finance & banking technologies  


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AG digital money supports the creation of a unique high-tech university city

a 10 years ongoing infrastructure construction. 

the launch of the Victoria Falls Exchange financial supporting platform. 

the “AG’s” 3D gold printing & Digital Currency production centre

a unique financial “Hub” embedded in a green “Smart City” nearby the Victoria Falls. 

the construction of the *Harare University, research and prototyping centre

a supporting and logistic centre for VORTEX mining equipment leasing and delivery, particular for the gold and silver mining industry. 

a high volume waste to nano powder recycling centre

*the project descriptions and locations are for reference purpose
The AVIS Project will be carefully monitored by international law
teams for to comply and be always confirm the established
sanctions imposed by the international authorities


today developments

  1. AVIS registered AVIS Bank Limited in VICTORIA and connect to AVIS Core Banking 
  2. Connection and Activation of the AVIS SWITCH for the AVIS Card Management 
  3. Recruiting 200 peoples for IT and civil engineering 
  4. Application to the Central Bank for the import of, EUR€500billion 
  5. Register of AVIS Group members at the Victoria Exchange 
  6. Interbank custodial relocation of AVIS industrial funds for the AG Financial HUB 
  7. Creation of the AG Digital Currency, register at the Victoria exchange and trade
  8. Issuance of the AVIS Greens coins 
  9. Launch the purchase of country debts in Africa & South America
  10. AVIS Bank, melts with other AVIS Group Banks to become an international clearing Bank
  11. Launch of the Victoria Construction planning processing by AVIS Construction 
  12. Recruiting of 1000 host employees by Franchise Team via AVIS Construction 
  13. Start of Construction

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Principal banks and the petrol industry joined large 

funds during decades, hold in off-balance accounts

AVIS Construction

For tax and legal reason 

the capitals must be employed for 

large infrastructure construction projects

Interbank transfer

For Green High-Tech Equipments

provides the logistic, licence, and the technology

 for the processing of large interbank transfers 

covering construction invoice payments

AML Clearance

AVIS Financial HUB connected to the

AVIS Marketplace and SecPay for IP, DTC, FX, Cards, and others
transfer methods are secured and AML compliant

Sovereign Debt

Capitals merges secured into AVIS Greens

pays countries sovereign debts back & green constructions


the franchise remains with the contracted portions for their own projects


You can no longer repay your government loans to China or the World Bank? 


Or do you have € or $ with a first-class bank in danger of losing its value, because the next financial crisis will hit you dramatically for sure in the next 18 months

In your AVIS bank account „marketplace“ you will find all the necessary documents and the steps you need to follow to repay your debt, no matter the amount 

AVISPay is a simple tool for governments, institutions, investment managers, historical families or financial brokers to convert off-balance sheet funds into sustainable value

AVIS Green's (AG), the only next generation digital and physical currency soon to be widely accepted for absolutely all daily payment needs worldwide

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WhiteWest INDEX barometer without politic influence

An artificial intelligent computer will build the corruptions' barometer by the IT platform for the AI valuation of ongoing country behaviours.


The AG currency is traded for profit by AVIS Capital. These profits will be made available to countries and paid out by validating the country corruption behaviour index.

Positive behaviour means cash money out to that country
Negative behaviour means no cash out to that country

The corruption INDEX validators are

Politic behaviour
Governmental corruption
Education improvement
Banking politic
Social behaviour
People’s behaviours
Business behaviour