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Capital markets are still in the early phases of the adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and the industry continues to seek viable use cases. One broad category of such use cases is the creation of digitally tokenized assets, in which the token either represents a property interest that exists only in the Blockchain (such as non-certificated securities) or represents an asset existing off the Blockchain.
The tokenization of real-world assets continues to gain momentum, and investments are being made across the industry.

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Green Exchange

Gateway for the Fintech industry and 

Bank Institutions. SWITCH technology easy to connect: GoTo

Interbank transfer SecPay, MT103 FIN ISO20022 
message direct delivery 
in / out, connecting by: 
IP to IP  /  TCP 
Soket Endpoints GoTo

AVIS Pay high volume card payments for your AVIS Bank account cash loading and invoice payments GoTo

Force Card payments with pre-authorized code for product invoice clearance GoTo  

Pre-authorise card payments GoTo

Payment jewellery HJK collection with build in payment chips. Finest high quality bracelets, rings, and colliers mixed with graphene technologies are carrying a high secured chips for payments and GPS locations reporting

Card accrediting service by API and
QR code connected to AML compliant
accepted institutional loading service

Google and Apple card management APP

Blockchain cards issuance and distribution

MyPOS Payment APP for Android and Apple smartphones

POS as a Bank in a BOX, physical distribution and servicing for all payment markets

AVIS Greens tokens trading and
exchange to FIAT Bonds token issuance
processing and stock exchange and trade
for banks and industries

NFT trading platform


Cash clearing account service

Worldwide Bank franchise 
agents licensing with ATM CASH 
in / out / Cards and AVIS Coins dispense

AVIS Bank" has witnessed a significant shift in growth of electronic payments over the last few years, and we are delighted by the international card scheme's commitment to driving the world's digital agenda, which demonstrates confidence in our market. The ultimate aim of this partnership is to unlock best-in-class payment solutions that will position AVISPay at the forefront of the global financial system. This will further help us to boost investment, while making it easier for people, businesses, industries, and institutions to transact

AVISPay commitment to financial inclusion means the company is actively leveraging the latest technology to simplify and reduce the cost and the complications of the today standard banks in transacting. This is even more critical in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, where many vulnerable populations have been disproportionately impacted by economic challenges

The AVIS Team Members, says: “Our strategy remains focused on enabling digital transformation for our franchise partners so that their customers enjoy seamless access to payments and a superior experience when transacting across different platforms. We are very excited to present AVISPay to lead the transition to a more easy digital payments system –and to do it in a way that helps society at large. This marks a significant step towards greater consistency, security, and speed for processing everyday payments while laying the groundwork for future innovation”
           • To provide an effective, secure and reliable service to meet the requirements of all users in the financial payments system
           • To remain on the cutting edge of switching products through innovation
           • To be the preferred channel for international payments
           • To build up volumes in order to reduce transaction costs
           • To provide value and return to Shareholders, Franchise Partners and Clients


Peoples frequently asking "what and where is AVIS Bank located"

Good question; However, AVIS Bank is nothing else, the result of a fundamental experience of the best formatting for running a bank system of today. In other words, the bank is nothing else as technology. Software, in bits, and bytes. A clean high secured high-tech room where the servers working for the bank's clients day and night 

AVIS Bank Limited has been registered in VICTORIA as a public traded Tier 1 Bank under final formatting and stock exchange application with dual register in LUX, UK and New York. We're acquiring and controlling constantly additional bank institutions for extending all licences under the AVIS Bank name internationally, needed for the seamless functionality as a mayor clearing, acquiring, trading, and card issuing bank. However, there is no need for any personal interferences or meanings in capital management. AVIS Bank, it's a large “AI” computer systems moving or generating money for us. Every user has online access and is able for resolving its bank businesses on the spot, even it is complicated

All the large today principal banks taking care of our monies, controlling and processing us under their client relationship is antiquarian, obsolete and has no future in the today digital world. Their behaviour against business and clients is most not anymore understandable and out of any logistic interpretation. In fact, it is a shame how they're treating us as customers

Individual designed Art credit & debit Cards

 hundreds of stiles available

AVIS Cards Stands for

The green Basic Card for private family, and employees
The Gold business Card for the business world
The Art Black Card with automatic reloading for VIP members
The Art Gold Cards 14-carat gold 3D printed for the particular VIPs
The Art Gold/Diamond 14-carat gold 3D printed for the particular VIPs


3D printed custom-made ArtCards

14-Carat Gold-Platinum-Graphene composite with individual design
Black Metal Card, GBP £25'000,00 *(automated re-loading functionality)
14-carat Gold GBP £200'000,00 (minimum deposit £10'000'000,00)
access to PP participation
14-carat Gold / Titanium with real Diamonds Card GBP 250'000,00
(minimum deposit £100'000'000,00) with dedicated PP contract
Courier delivery International GBP £59,00
For financial transaction processing are additional fees applicable
Each card has a dedicated IBAN number


Private account GBP £500,00 minimum deposits
Corporate account GBP £3'000,00 minimum deposits
Trading account GBP £150'000,00 required for transaction execution
Black Card account GPB£25'000,00
14-Carat Gold Card account GBP £200'000,00 (for participate in placement transactions)
14-Carat Gold/Diamond account GBP £250'000,00 (for dedicated private placement transactions)
Basic Card GBP £29,00 monthly fees £4,90
Business Art-Metal-Card GBP £89,00 monthly fees £19,00
Courier delivery International GBP £59,00
Up to 20 Virtual Cards are available after any of your physical cards are active. 
Shortly, you will find the AVIS Cards in any superstore.

Card & Account Loadings

Transfer tools

VIP Black Cards for independent peoples

An artificial intelligence software (in beta version) intents to recognize the performance of several fast trade APPs internationally by algorithm to invest the account balance.  

The intentions are to recuperate spent funds as of 8% to 10% each month.  

You must hold at least 100 AVIS Shares (at the exchange traded) and £25'000,00 account balance. 

Initial card activation fee GBP £25'000,00. 

VIP BlackCard Club Members maintain additional international features.  Read more


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shareholder of the first 

digital bank registered at the exchange