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We at AVIS would like to emphasize that we are working only with green project developers. We do not operate as a standard bank. Moreover, we support all green-oriented technologies for waste management, alternative power, and organic food production. Our financial services are restricted to franchisees and eco-conscious individuals who support a sustainable alternative to conventional power and food generation.



Capital markets are still in the early phases of adopting blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and the industry continues to seek viable use cases. One broad category of such use cases is the creation of digitally tokenised assets, in which the token either represents a property interest that exists only in the Blockchain (such as non-certificated securities) or represents an asset existing off the Blockchain. The tokenisation of real-world assets continues to gain momentum, and investments are being made across the industry. We're transforming the outdated today's banking into QUANTUM technology. 

AVIS Bank, the pioneer, pushes the change of life. Read more about

Securities tokenization

AVIS Exchange

Check your BIN Card Number

Check your BIN weather is a valid AVIS Bank Payment Card or not

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Gateway for any industry & business 


HJK Collection

for Payments 

with built-in payment chips. Finest high-quality bracelets, rings, and colliers mixed with graphene technologies are carrying a high secured chip for payments and GPS location reporting

Gateway for the Fintech industry and Bank Institutions 

SWITCH technology easy to connect: gateway.avisbank.com GoTo

Interbank transfer SecPay, MT103 FIN ISO20022 
message direct delivery (GPI)
in / out, connecting by: 
IP to IP  /  TCP 
Socket Endpoints GoTo

AVIS Pay high volume card payments for your AVIS Bank account cash loading and invoice payments GoTo


Card payments

with a pre-authorized code for product invoice clearance GoTo

Pre-authorise card payments GoTo

Card loading service by API and QR code

connected to AML-compliant
accepted institutional loading service

MyPOS Payment APP for Android and Apple


AVIS Greens tokens trading and
exchange to FIAT and transforming Green Bonds to blockchain

Processing and stock exchange trade, for banks and industries

NFT trading platform GoTo

POS as a Bank in a BOX

distribution and servicing for all payment markets


Cash clearing account service

Worldwide Bank franchise 
agents licensing with ATM CASH 
in / out / Cards and AVIS Coins dispense


Works similar to SWIFT for connecting banks and industry. The licence comes with:

IBAN range for all countries in lots of 10.000 accounts

VOSTRO account with real-time transfer 

White label card issuing 

Acquiring and web payments

Global Merchant Technology

Processing Fees

We charge for each ticket the following fee globally:

For card processing, we're debiting 2.45% plus a fix rate of CHF 0.10 

For a chargeback handling, a fee of CHF19.00

For offline (force) payments, special conditions applicable

*fee rates subject to change

Become a Franchise Member of the AVIS Global Group

Franchise Umbrella MarketsFor individual VIPs, institutions, and industries supporting green construction developments. Read more

For volume access to our QUANTUM bank and card gateways for financial transactions and white label card schemes. GoTo

For starters, interested in joining the AVIS Umbrella development. About the amount of applications we're receiving every day from the global markets, we're accepting franchise members only in dealing and servicing with our QUANTUM Bank technology: GoTo

For card loaders and interbank transfer industries: GoTo

AVIS Art of Cards are a new global product at the bank card markets managed by AVIS QUANTUM technology

VIP Black Cards for independent peoples

An artificial intelligence software (in beta version) intents to recognize the performance of several fast trade APPs internationally by algorithm to invest the account balance.  

The intentions are to recuperate spent funds as of 8% to 10% each month.  

You must hold at least 100 AVIS Shares (at the exchange traded) and £25'000,00 account balance. 

Initial card activation fee GBP £25'000,00. 

VIP BlackCard Club Members maintain additional international features.  Read more


Take the change and become

shareholder of the first 

digital bank registered at the exchange