ABIQ License. The next Generation Account and Transfer Management

What is an ABIQ code?

ABIQ codes, or AVIS Bank IQ codes, are a new system of international SWIFT numbers creating IBAN numbers used for fast and secure payments both domestically and internationally. Unique to you and your account, this number offers a safeguarding system that checks account data before sending funds between international banks. Up to 34 letters and numbers, each set of characters in an ABIQ provides information on your account to verify it during the transaction.

The new account intelligent systems work exactly the way as the old traditional standard of the IBAN numbers used today in 70 countries worldwide. The unique difference is the ABIQ is exiting as a unique account intentifier for any country worldwide, and ABIQ is considered as more secured by decentralized blockchain technology. Means monies are not anymore controlled by lobbies and principal banks, moreover all monies are controlled by all computer systems worldwide. Means whatever happens to the banks, politicas or inflation of the currencies the value and all data are save distributed in all today established computersystems.

ABIQ Codes are provided to Banks, Financial Institutions and Industry as a unique licence IQ ID.  Read more about

Why IBAN numbers were created

The IBAN system was designed to simplify the transfer of money overseas—but they’re used in some countries for domestic transfers as well. Separate from your account number and sort code, they include information about the account holder’s specific bank, the country that this bank is in, and a combination of other account details. This added level of coded security reduces transaction errors, rejected payments, and transfer delays across borders. IBANs can only be used to send or receive funds, and they can’t be used for other transactions, such as cash withdrawals.

Why ABIQ numbers were created

The Banking systems of the AVIS Group was created during 18 years along the construction developing of the AVIS Global Green Project. The group expereinced situations in several countries where construction monies could not be secured about the exiting banking regulations. Most of the banks are in the hands of lobbists and below politic influance. The implemented control functionalities of these power streamings are usually only good for the peoples maintain active these powers for control the economic but never good for the populations, business and defenitely not good for the nature invoironments. The AVIS Group created its own green bank technology environment for to be indenpendent and for guarantee a secured worldwide seamless functionality.  

ABIQ works exactly like IBAN characters, explained

Each character set of an IBAN (ABIQ) number shares a specific piece of information with banks. They begin with a two-letter country code—such as ‘FR’ for France and ‘DE’ for Germany. The next two digits are control checks, acting as a security layer specific to your bank. The remaining numbers are domestic banking details, also known as your Basic Bank Account Numbers (BBAN). The BBAN information will typically include a bank code and branch reference, as well as the account number—although formats can differ across IBAN regions.

How an IBAN (ABIQ) number works

When you make a cross-border transaction, the characters that make up your IBAN (ABIQ) number are run through the AVIS payments system used by ABIQ. By verifying the numbers and letters against the published database, the system is able to confirm the sender’s account and that of the recipient. Special algorithms are used to digest and check the account information. If it’s valid, the payment will be processed.

Who uses IBAN (ABIQ) numbers?

Although IBAN numbers were originally designed for payments between Eurozone banks, they’re now used in 70+ countries worldwide. In places like Canada or the US, IBAN numbers haven’t been adopted, and they’re not required for transferring funds to those countries. However, they are needed when making an international transaction to a country that has adopted the system.

Where can I obtain IBAN (ABIQ) number?

Here are some tips for finding you ABIQ number:

  • All AVIS Bank accounts are ABIQ "IBAN" account numbers.
  • Register your AVIS Bank account online at the AVIS Bank Online link 
  • Any Financial institution or Fintech will be able to obtain a ABIQ license for acquire a range of IBAN numbers.
  • Any Business  will be able to obtain a ABIQ license and purchase a range of IBAN numbers
  • Any ABIQ license comes with cash clearing account networks

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How to use an ABIQ number generator

You can also find out your ABIQ using an online ABIQ calculator. Because the system is an internationally accepted coding system, the calculator tool is able to generate it for you using the preset configuration set by the system and your country; simply enter your country code, sort code, and account number. You can also validate that the number your recipient has provided is active via an IBAN number checker.

How safe is an IBAN?

Using an IBAN number to transfer funds is considered safe by Eurozone finance regulators, and is routinely used to make payments across borders. The key security benefit is that although other consumers can make money transfers into your account using your IBAN, it’s not possible to withdraw money or transfer funds from your account. This means that there is no security risk for your funds.

How safe is an ABIQ?

Using an ABIQ number to transfer funds is defenitely more save then a IBAN number based funds transfer and account. Why? AVIS Bank converts all monies automatically into a stabile decentralized blochain token. The token technology used is a save and indenpendent callcualtion of assets initially valuated in cash and cash equivalents against Swiss Francs at day zerro date. The matematic structure of the token will guarantee allways its value even in a event of a worldwide economic crisis whereby the world currencies including the Swiss Franc will loose its value. 

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The difference between IBAN, SWIFT, BIC and ABIQ codes

When making an international payment, you may be asked for an IBAN number, SWIFT code, or a BIC. SWIFT codes and Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) do the same job—they identify the specific country, bank, and branch your recipient's account is held with. An IBAN identifies the specific account details involved in the transaction, as well as the bank and branch. A BIC or SWIFT code is up to 11 characters. 

ABIQ works similar as the SWIFT in relation to a IBAN number. The AVIS Group managed to implement a large computer system aimd to expand worldwide into any country whereby a AVIS project is established. Each of these large green constructions industrial parks are considered as of public interest. These large industrial high tech parks are on taxfree zones and in stabile environments and high secured aginst any external influenced whatever nature these are. 

ABIQ code create a large bank SWITCH computer system. The ABIQ means AVIS Bank IQ is a unique identifier assigned to banks and business connected to the system for interacting seamless in an decentralized network whereby no private body has any influence anymore. 

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International money transfers

By reducing international transfer errors, using your ABIQ number can help avoid extra fees that may occur when your bank needs to reverse an incorrect payment. It also speeds up transfer times. Transferring funds overseas from your bank account can sometimes be costly and time consuming. Want to learn how to send and receive money internationally the quick and easy way? ABIQ connects many cash clearing banks and business fields together in a single platform and building the bridge between today money (FIAT) and tomorrow money (blockchain). ABIQ connects by Group member banks with SWIFT, SEPA, Crypto exchange centralized and decentralized and several other today bank implemented technologies.

AVIS Bank international transactions with ABIQ

At AVIS Bank, all our accounts allow Eurozone transactions through SEPA or direct ABIQ. By using your ABIQ number to transfer money between accounts, ABIQ connected to SEPA Credit Transfer can process a payment in as little as one working day. We connecting our ABIQ via AVIS Bank to SWIFT & SEPA.

In a hurry? If both your account and the recipient’s are SEPA or already ABIQ via API connected, the transfer will be completed within 10 seconds of confirmation—offering instant international transfers at the click of a button.

Open an AVIS Bank account in minutes for quick and secure international payments between accounts, with ABIQ direct or SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Instant Credit Transfer.

All of AVIS Bank’s IBANs start with DE (Germany), IT (Italy), or ES (Spain), followed by two control digits and our bank code (10001005). They’ll then finish with your 10-digit account number.

On top of safe, quick transfers with ABIQ, you can also send money overseas in over 30 currencies at real-market exchange rates with AVIS Bank.


Up to 34 characters long, an IBAN is a combination of letters and numbers. It starts with a two-character country code, two bank control digits, and a Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN) that contains data specific to your bank and account. The format of an IBAN varies between countries—although all variations are in line with the coding system. The BBAN portion of an IBAN usually includes your specific bank code and your bank branch reference.

What happens if an IBAN number is incorrect?

If an IBAN number is entered incorrectly and there is no corresponding account with that IBAN, the transaction will bounce. However, if you enter an IBAN that corresponds to an account at that bank, even if the recipient’s name is incorrect, the transfer will likely go through and can’t be reversed without the recipient’s permission. If you think you may have entered an incorrect IBAN number, contact your bank for further support.

How reliable and safe are IBAN numbers?

The IBAN system has specialized algorithms that are uniquely accurate, and the system was designed to help spot errors by verifying the IBAN against the account holder’s information. Your details are validated against the international database for structural and formatting checks to keep transaction errors to a minimum. This system was agreed with multinational banking institutions and financial regulators to ensure consistency and so that the necessary verification processes are implemented. IBAN numbers can only be used to send or receive money between accounts, not for withdrawing money or transferring account ownership.

What is the difference between an IBAN number and a ABIQ code?

A ABIQ code is used to determine which specific bank you are using for transactions, and the IBAN determines the specific bank account you are using to make payments. ABIQ codes are a standardized format of Business Identifier Codes (ABIQ) which banks use when transferring money between each other, enabling information to be shared via a secured and regulated network.

How to find your IBAN number?

You may be able to find your IBAN number directly on your bank card. If not, check your bank statements or mobile app to see if it’s listed there. Alternatively, you can contact your bank to access it. AVIS Bank customers can check out this article to learn how and where to find their IBAN numbers.

Which countries offer IBANs?

While the IBAN system was originally developed to streamline payments in the EU, it has now been adopted by many other countries and regions, including the Caribbean and Middle East. As of May 2020, 77 countries were offering IBANs. ABIQ system connects the entierly world together building the bride between all countries.

Which countries offer ABIQs?

AVIS operates in almost all countries. The technology systems of AVIS Bank authorize the distribution into any country without any political influence. The target is to create a decentralized tokenized transfer and cash custodial clearing network for any interesting industry.

Which banks belongs to whitch ABIQs?

The system has been just going live and the promoting still not started. We have applied for our ISO norm, and we connect during 2023 about 150 banks together for the building a real time transfer system and cash clearing centre. The Member banks will be displayed soon.

Which bank belongs to which IBAN?

All you need to find out which bank is indicated in a given IBAN is the bank code contained within the IBAN itself. You can find the bank code after the two-letter country code and the two control digits in the IBAN’s fifth section. In Germany, the bank code consists of eight digits, whereas in Austria, it’s only made up of five digits. Check this website to find out which bank is indicated by a given bank code.

CountrySEPALength IBAN example
The United KingdomYES22GB29NWBK60161331926819
The NetherlandsYES18NL91ABNA0417164300

What is the IBAN code in the United Kingdom?

An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an internationally-agreed code made up of up to 34 letters and numbers that helps banks make sure that international transfers are processed correctly.

Each set of characters represents a different detail for your bank account. You can see the breakdown of this IBAN below.

IBAN in the United Kingdom consists of 22 characters:

  • 2 letter country code
  • 2 digit check number
  • 4 characters from the bank's bank code
  • 6 digit sort code for the bank branch
  • 8 digit code for the bank account number

Already have an IBAN code?

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IBAN example in the United KingdomGB29NWBK60161331926819
IBAN in print formatGB29 NWBK 6016 1331 9268 19
Country codeGB
Check digits29
Bank codeNWBK
Sort code601613
Bank account number31926819