Developer Platform


The present marketplace software is "NOT" the ideal formatting. The cs-cart software, as created, is for the IT groups taking action in providing the following: 


  1. Improve and complete this functional marketplace in formatting and functionality
  2. Checkout functionality improve
  3. Product descriptions completing
  4. The present 2D product viewing quality improve
  5. Subsequent during time 3D interactive designing of all products (meta-verse)
  6. Mobile responsive
  7. Activation of the APP already produced an operative at the marketplace admin platform
  8. Category cleaning 
  9. Logistic improve
  10. Menu functionality improve
  11. Activating a new modern presentation for all APIs and APPs for automatic registration and a new developer platform


  • IBAN & ABIQ Management
  • Globalserver
  • Stock Exchange
  • Security Tokenization
  • ABIQ Licence
  • ABIQ Transfer & Debit Operation Register
  • DataSource for the IT Developers
  • Card Management SWITCH
  • Acquiring Management
  • Gateway Administration Lounge
  • SWITCH Management System
  • Customer Card Management


  • AVISPay Card Payment
  • AVISPay Force Payment
  • AVISPay Pre-Authorization
  • AVISPay Card 2 Card
  • AVISPay Card Order
  • ABIQ Transfer/debit register
  • In parallel, re-editing or re-writing into the final 3D interactive (multiverse) look and feel and functionality.  Here you find the generally understanding of the functionality and final forming of the marketplace in form of a description white paper: GoTo


    Transforming the AVIS Stock Exchange into a global stock exchange. To be functional, several standard information needs to be added at tab's into the platform of the functional The exchange maintain a Direct Debit technology API for connecting with external bank accounts.

    The Data source for the creation of the tabs to be added you find here: GoTo

    AVIS Exchange


    AVIS Bank

    NEXOR Core Bank we have 95% completed. The Team of Sarea, Jotham and Iaon should produce the remaining. We have invited numerous high-class IT bankers for joining and completing the various software systems. GoTo


    Iaon's team needs support from C-writers and logistic bank payment experts for going into production to public. 

    Configure for the AVIS Card Production:

    Card Order

    1. Converting the SWITCH software (about 600 programs) into a new modern secured language
    2. Mounting an HSM pay shield into the SWITCH server
    3. Mounting a Gateway keeper for API connection providing into the server
    4. Mounting a new powerful firewall into the Spain server farm 
    5. Emigrate the server from Microsoft Stockholm out and move it to our Spain server farm


    An open-source software needs to be selected and formed for the AVIS functionality: GoTo


    The today functionality needs to improve and public relation and marketing added: GoTo


    The APP software confirm the description needs to created: GoTo

    APP functionality description you find here: GoTo

    HJK Fashion

    • The software confirm the description needs to created: GoTo
    • The HJK Fashion is a next generation production using 3D graphene printing: GoTo
    • Processing details: GoTo


    • Mounting the new DELL server farm already purchased and paid in Murcia
    • Improve the AUSTRIA server farm with better management software
    • Developing and mounting the own DOMAIN server in Murcia or Austria and emigrate all 50 AVIS domains from GoDaddy to our own domain server: GoTo
    • Contracting our own IP range with AVIS Fintech PLC by LACNIC IP provider
    • Mounting a new document could into our Austrian server farm: GoTo
    • Mounting a new email management software into our Austrian server farm: GoTo
    • Mounting a new user email management software into our Austrian server farm: GoTo
    • Mounting a new Videoconference software into our Austrian server farm: GoTo

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