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VIP Black Cards for people travailing through the world in freedom

An artificial intelligence software (in beta version) intents to recognize the performance of 12 high-speed trade platforms international with intelligent algorithm functionality for investing the account balance.  

The intention is to recover 8 -10% of the funds spent on the card in each month

You must hold at least 100 AVIS Shares (at the exchange traded) and £25'000,00 account balance. 

Initial card activation fee, GBP £25'000,00. 

VIP BlackCard Club Members maintain additional international features.  Read more

Each hand printed metal card comes with your photo passport ID

The titanium metal card account will do for you:

  • Payment gateway for your shop
  • POS for Industry payments for international high volume trade service
  • Trading account for the financial industry 
  • Micro Credit applications
  • Insurance coverage
  • High Speed trade for the automatic reloading of spend capital controlled by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Working in all Countries
  • NO spending Limits
  • Passport with Photo ID

How you order your personalized Art Metal Card?

a) Purchase the product

b) Create Your AVISPay Account in a minute

c) Go to Contacts in your account and send us send a clear face photo 


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