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The franchisee instruct AVIS Capital LTD, a member of the AVIS Global Group (AVIS) to process payments of construction invoices with AVIS Bank as a single or multiple transaction; and

The franchisee guarantee and declare that he maintains the status of a sophisticated investor and is aware about bank payment processing, timing, and tax responsibility. The franchisee declare that any tax payment with regard to the capitals involved is at the franchisee discretion. AVIS Capital Limited and AVIS Bank refuse any responsibility in front of any tax authority, and the franchisee in person or as a corporation represented by its principal and/or shareholders will hold AVIS Capital Limited and AVIS Banks harmless of any possible event regarding the capital transfers. The franchisee declare that the sender, transferring & custodial bank examined standard AML controlling and clearance in reference to the capitals transferred to AVIS Bank. 

Read carefully term and conditions of industrial transfers

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