Industrial and Interbank transfers

System functionality of ABIQ (AVIS Bank IQ):

  • Connects banks and corporations seamlessly for cash transfers together
  • Reading, accepting and reacting on ISO20022 SWIFT MT103 FIN message standards
  • Captures ISO20022 SWIFT MT103 FIN message standards
  • Routing and monitoring of SWIFT MT202 cash clearing between sender and receiver
  • Process direct debit ISO20022 SWIFT MT104 FIN message standards
  • Accept messages between sender operator and receiver operator
  • Connected to common account for the clearing process
  • IP whitelisting between institutions

Connections between institutions:

  • IP to IP, server direct communication for one-time transactions
  • API connection for permanent transfer interactions
  • Socket to Socket
  • Connected to central banks
  • Connected to clearing banks
  • Connected to CBDC digital cash provider


  • For Fintech institutions transfer automatic
  • For large interbank transfers
  • For industrial high-volume invoice clearing
  • For off-balance transactions
  • Acquiring card payment direct debiting
  • Payment processor platform solution for core bank systems 
  • Bridge between SWIFT standard platforms and the banking industry
  • Creating IBAN accounts for all countries
  • Issues ABIQ license for industry and banks
  • Provides credit, debit and blockchain cards for any bank, fintech and industry
  • Provides business debit cards for large offline direct transfers 
  • Provides luxury art business cards in 18cart gold and platin
  • Connect the AVIS Stock Exchange blockchain transforming to banks, brokers, and institutions 

AVIS Bank will process payments for:

  • Large construction payments for franchisee members
  • Franchise member's investment payments
  • Country debt payments
  • Large credit card payments for franchisee members
  • Equipment and construction card payments
  • Account loadings for franchisee members


We at AVIS Group are processing high-volume cash transfers only for proven and accepted franchise members, based on various facts and any payment complies with the AML regulations

  • the Group's financial capability
  • the franchise partners have made by a number of central banks capital import licenses for their green energy construction projects
  • the AVIS Bank large bank licenses as Tier-1 Merchant & Clearing Bank for capital movements
  • the funds are used for the finance and payments of high volumes invoices for pre-registered green industrial park constructions.
  • the Central Bank high volume cash transfer approvals
  • the clearing account infrastructure for high-volume cash settlements 
  • The central bank's accounts and multi-banking networks are connected to the AVIS Bank servers by SWITCH and multi-banking. (AVISPay) 

In addition to the  AVISPay system developed by AVIS Fintech PLC, we as a group developing the Victoria financial  HUB 

The transferred funds are ending up in a new client/franchise account at AVIS Bank and an agreed portion will pay the invoices for the ongoing construction


The sender franchise member must accept the commercial transaction conditions of AVIS. This means that, for example, the sender needs to transfer 1bln from Deutsche Bank, in such an event he must first purchase construction and/or equipment for 1bln at the marketplace. The marketplace will create an invoice required for clearing the funds, and

The sender must be an accepted franchise member of AVIS and must maintain a good-standing AVIS Bank trading account. You   must be a shareholder of AVIS   and pay the   trading account fee  


If you are a new franchise member you are required first to open an account at   AVIS Bank  where 100% of the transferred funds will be accredited. The agreed portion will be allocated for the green project payments. 

In principle, all intended transfer transactions are considered by us as standard high-volume commercial construction invoice payments for converting off-balance funds into commercial funds. However, each transaction has its own particular conditions. It is a basic requirement to provide all relevant documents, for validation, AML and for selecting the right transfer formatting and processing. 

Download fill and upload the required documents into the profile of your AVIS Bank account.

 KYC Form 

 Source of Funds Declaration 

 FX Franchise Contract 

 IP 2 IP Application and Registration Form 


The transfer of all huge financial resources of the world is done by servers in virtual banking. E-Banking, in which the server is connected to the common account of the bank and is used via server methods.

The currency transfer method is done by servers whereby the money from the common account of the Bank is swabbed into the receiver’s common account, and it is uploaded or downloaded by the sender or receiver’s officer.

In the IP/IP method, the entry of the currency into the receiver’s server is uploaded. In the IP/ID method, the entry of the currency into the receiver’s server is downloadable. In the StoS method, the currency exchange is run in the form of a launcher with Windows Time which is sent by the receiver’s officer who has full control of his server. This method is less secure because it may not be possible to place the box or capsule on the server line when it is launched.

When the transfer of currency has a very high volume, in other words, it is considered to be the backbone of the currency exchange, due to the fact that the receivers cannot upload or download the money of the Fund, this action is carried out by the Fund’s officer, who is the Head officer of the server in the world’s prime banks, and the server line of the receiver must be open. There must be no obstacle on the path of the server’s money transfer, so numeric characters can easily be replaced and sent to the receiver’s server as well as possible.

AVIS Greens AG's

AVIS interexchange all monies under custody into the revolutionary Gold Coin 3D printed, covered with transparent programmable Graphene. AVIS Green's (AG), is the only next-generation digital and physical currency soon to be widely accepted for absolutely all daily payment needs worldwide. We all are aware that the currencies of the world are based on promising’s and politicism. Moreover, they are all based on balloon politics.


About the worldwide presence of AVIS, we intend to secure & stabilise sustainably our live environments, of our members, and USERS to prevent money's value from getting devaluated or lost. The intention is to collect large interbank transfers and instantly exchange the received cash value into AVIS Greens. If an account holder requires a transfer to another bank or makes a card payment will exchange automatically, instantly and seamlessly the AVIS Greens into the currency required by the account holder.


AVIS Exchange

The differences between historical and new transfer systems are...

In the IP/IP method, all the necessary facilities are sent to the receiving Bank for conversion of the box or capsule into the currency.

In the IP/ID document method, the money is provided by the receiving Bank, and only the perfect money and numeric characters are sent by the sender. 


Sometimes currency exchange procedures can be carried out by DTC (Digital Transfer Central). In other words, it is transferring currency to the central bank’s common account.

Sometimes the method of transferring money is Ledger-to-Ledger, Officer-to-Officer or Bank-to-Bank. In these ways, the sender and the receiver have no role in arranging the contracts and essential guarantees, and only the officers of the two banks communicate with each other. Furthermore, all stages of the currency transfer are carried out from A to Z.

All banks (or companies) must have the following features to receive currency:

AML and enhanced DD positive.

The server is connected to the common bank account.

The server’s Head Officer or an officer who is familiar with downloading or uploading the server’s currency.

Licence and authorization of the money tasers inside the server band. 

The amount of the accepted input currency.

Basic knowledge and problems with IPIP, IPID, SEPA, FX4, DTC, GPI, Card and others

We would like to clarify the various facts, by many intermediaries unfortunately as they have no experience in the field of high finance and do not know the background of financial transactions.

Most large amounts are available on bank servers on reserved accounts and still not taxed as they are considered by the owners to be invested into humanitarian projects, but the owners do not have registered or accepted humanitarian projects, which is why the custodial bank cannot accredit the capitals on the owners checking accounts. The investment into human projects will be strictly controlled by the FED, tax authorities and regulators. 

The AVIS Global Green Project are high-tech industrial park that has the power to improve the environment in a sustainable way. From 2005 until today, over 200 industry parks have been contracted for construction. 

AVIS is not only the ultimate solution for environmental protection as well for funds accumulated by petrol or similar industries searching for new investment fields. 


AVIS Gateway


This always happens when both bank officers discuss and check the deal directly.

It is always to check from both BO:

1. complete KYC & AML

2. Proof of funds and deal

3. The procedure MUST be discussed BO to BO (often transfer times and codes are to be considered) 

4. Very often, unrecoverable mail accounts have to be created to send important codes

5. Performance guarantees are communicated through these accounts 



Bank to bank is mandatory, as both BO have to clarify the TTM for the transfer. The bank officers have to send code and counter code. Without TTM, an IPID is not feasible, as both BOs have to sit at their computer screen desk at the same time.

Both have to pre-agree on capital use conditions and respect the AVIS green investment requirement 

Both have to agree on various explanations -> e.g. execution guarantee / tax burden / release of the money must be guaranteed

The transaction itself takes only a few seconds.

Each sender must be aware that the receiver has very high costs (taxes in each country) and bank fees to pay. The total cost of the receiver (!!) in Hong Kong is e.g. about 35% ... in other countries even much more.



At DTC it is very often a matter of state funds or government funds. From this we can see that the actual banking system also has the states under control.

The transmitter sends - the receiver is liable! 

Again, editing without the direct contact of both bank officer is absolutely impossible.



The system was actually abolished by Deutsche Bank. Nevertheless, AVIS can still use it today and have an account (in Germany) for use.

1. KYC is absolutely necessary

2. Contact BO to BO is absolutely necessary

3. It is not money, but files sent and decrypted by the recipient again!

4. FX4 is not necessary in many cases - there are often better ways of transfer 


SEPA Direct Dept:

SEPA has 2 ways

1. Normal SEPA = simple direct debit authorization - immediately feasible

2. Business SEPA is much more complicated

- must be applied for at the bank

- immediate credit

- creditworthy and high credit limit

- possible bankruptcy must be clarified

- Bank is liable 

- very big effort / duration 2 weeks 

- only B2B feasible

- tax liability of the receiver in the country

- In some countries (Europe) to observe negative interest rates

AVIS will protect himself from fakes by involving the AVIS risk task force and AML departments for a encheanced DD. Therefore -> KYC and proof of capital absolutely necessary!



All formattings available

SWIFT gpi combines domestic real-time payment networks to deliver cross border payments almost instantly and without the restrictions of bank operating hours. Each transaction is assigned a Unique End-to-End Transaction Reference (UETR) that payment providers can use to trace the transfer from start to finish.



Real Time Gross Settlement or RTGS is a funds transfer mechanism where transfer of money takes place from one bank to another on a “real time” and on “gross” basis. The RTGS system is primarily meant for large value transactions. The minimum amount to be remitted through RTGS is 2 lakh rupees with no upper limit.

Settlement in “real time” means the transaction is not subjected to any waiting period. The transactions are settled as soon as they are processed. “Gross settlement” means the transaction is settled on one to one basis without bunching with any other transaction. 

Considering that money transfer takes place in the books of the Reserve Bank of India, the payment is taken as final and irrevocable.

RTGS transfer system is available on all days of the year. 

Alliance Lite2

Alliance Lite2 enables direct access to financial institutions across the globe, providing the essential services to communicate with them via the SWIFT Community Cloud. Alliance Lite2 is for those corporates, banks and investment managers who want all the benefits of a cloud-based solution and prefer a direct SWIFT connection to their banks and counterparties – whether that’s for processing 10,000 messages a day or a few transactions per month. Alliance Lite2 can also enable you to gain an identity in the financial world, with your own unique code, from the globally recognised BIC.

Sometimes sender and receiver operators agree for security reason to transfer monies on a agreed time and in an monitored manual process. SWIFT offers many secured solutions. The manual transfer could be selected if the oprators agrees;

  1. Funds are available in the sending bank’s account. 
  2. The sender operator reserves the funds in a Global transitory account and FIN message sent out via AllianceLite2 to AVIS Bank BIC for the designated receiver account. 
  3. The senders’ operator sends a copy of the SWIFT / TRN contain IBAN, TRN and € Amount to the receiver operator via e-mail
  4. The receiver’s operator connects to the SWIFT GLOBAL CLOUD and searches for the TRN. 
  5. The receiving operator then accept the SWIFT FIN message, if he findes the relevant FIN message. 
  6. The receiving operator places the SWIFT in the common / transitionary account and wait for clearance of funds at the agreed interbank clearing account
  7. The receiving operator manually credits the client’s account with the funds once cleared.


Offline, Online, Force Card Payments including B2B transfers

Offline debit cards work in a similar way as traditional debit cards but can also be compared to the process of writing a check. An offline debit card transaction creates a debit against the cardholder's bank account with delayed processing and requires a signature or a 6 digit code provided by the card issuer bank. The invoice number and personal data are required and the card holders mobile phone will receive a SMS for accepting the transaction. The client must previouse of any payments maintain a VIP AVISPay account for AML regulatry compliance clearing. 

ATTENTION Only a valid VIP AVISPay account number  will activate the payment  gateway for instant payment processing 

Offline debit cards are issued by banks in partnership with a card network processing service provider such as Visa or Mastercard or our AVIS Cards. These cards are associated with a customer’s bank account and are used for payments and are vailable for making withdrawals or deposits from an ATM.


ATTENTION: We comply and process carefully with
the AML regulatory requirements by our security division. 
Any misuse of our service by hackers or unauthorized persons 
will be reported and followed by legal enforcement.

Force/Offline Transaction

An offline or force transaction is a transaction for which the merchant services only received an authorisation number, usually 6 digt. The credit or debit card information is stored along with the order through a computer network or point-of-sale terminal (POS), such as a credit card machine. The previously authorised transaction can subsequently be settled and the merchant account can receive the funds. About the risk involved we accepting transactions only from accredited franchise members with active VIP accounts.

 Download Your POS Franchise Contract 

 Download Your POS Card Authorization Form 

Become a Franchise Member of the AVIS Global Group

For individual VIPs, institutions, and industries supporting green construction developments.  Read more  

For volume access to our QUANTUM bank and card gateways for financial transactions and white label card schemes.  GoTo 

For starters, interested in joining the AVIS Umbrella development. About the amount of applications we're receiving every day from the global markets, we're accepting franchise members only for dealing and servicing with our QUANTUM Bank technology:  GoTo 

For card loaders and interbank transfer industries:  GoTo 


AVIS B2B Connect

is a card and non-card based payment network that enables seamless bank-to-bank cross-border business transactions. The system makes payments available where geograpically existing hurdless and politicially or bank technology are outdated or maintain barrieres for moving large payments. 

AVIS B2B Connect is built on AVIS's capabilities and formidable core payments experience with distributed ledger technology by VISA, MasterCard and othr gateway systems to provide direct settlements of large-value transactions. AVIS B2B Connect can help financial institutions and their clients overcome costly processes and geographic barriers, which translates to an improved, seamless end-to-end experience.

Payment Processing Services by AVIS Bank

AVIS Bank provides with AVISPay a industry leading online payment processing services & risk management technologies. Designed using AVISPay, “Simply Switch On”, approach to payment processing, our payment solutions are built using the latest payment processing technology enabling businesses to “Plug In” and “Switch On” payment modules with ease if and when required.

As a leading Payment Service Provider, you can trust AVIS Bank will find the right solution for your business. We provide everything in one simple agreement – your Internet Merchant Account, Payment Gateway and Payment Processing with all the leading cards issuers. Combined with AVIS’s industry leading fraud & risk management solutions, merchants can be confident managing their payments safely and securely from beginning to end with AVISPay.

For large card payment processing by our payment links activate first your VIP account


 Online Payment Link 

 Force - Offline Payment Link 

 Pre - Authorized Payment Link 

 Card 2 Card Payment Link 

 Card - Order Link 

 AVIS Connector to Gateway 


The sender wants from AVIS Bank service via its QUANTUM Bank systems. Means the sender has to disclose all details of the opeation! We have almost for any operation a solution.

If a sender do not accept the standard bank requirements, he is hiding something and will not be processed by AVIS. AVIS have ways for every (true and clean & cleared) kind of transfers. 

AVIS will not answer to fees without first having facts, because every transfer is different and needs to be discussed individually. Also, taxes are different in each country (if any), which is why fees or a cost can only be established when the KYC is completed.


Has to worry about commission and facilitator fees. The AVIS Banks must strictly adhere to the rules of the ICC and must not allow themselves any mistakes or scams, otherwise we may lose our license.

Type instructions to pay by getting in contact with a AVIS dedicated agent.


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