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As a responsible financial services provider (our Bank), and constructor, we have to ensure that we abide by all the relevant legislation and codes of conduct locally and internationally. Please review the information below to find out more about the legislation and codes that affect the financial industry and how this could affect you.

AVIS Bank 86% Shareholding belongs to AVIS Capital LTD, finally owned by AVIS Global Energy LTD. The ultimate beneficial owners are about 360 shareholders, whereby the founder family holds about 56%. 15% are reserved for trade at the exchange. The financial department of the AVIS Group contains 2 investment funds (ACAP & AGGEF), AVIS Bank and two further finance institutions in merger and acquisition completion. They're forming the infrastructure finance arm of the AVIS Global Energy Group of firms. 


Crowne Plaza London DocklandsWe launch for AVIS Bank a new 220-room office centre at the Docklands in London between the principal large banks directly at the river. The building will be a new home for trading activities personal management and in-house derivative handling. A large server farm mounting in the basement with functionality as our central IT centre. We adapt the existing Hotel infrastructure into suite offices. As today's offices are gaining a different understanding between leaving and working environment, we have the impression that such formatting will be more suitable for team working than the traditional offices. (the process in acquisition completion and modelling is as of July 2023)  

We will NOT execute nor conduct Bank business nor compete whatsoever with the banks in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, we have us registered with the regulators (FCA) as a Bank rep-office. 

AVIS Bank & AVIS Capital will be publicly traded in 2024.

AVIS Global Energy LTD is an international Waste to Energy company established in 2007. AVIS has developed a global green energy strategy and has industrial parks in operation and under development in numerous countries. AVIS Global Energy LTD has been spearheading a worldwide business model designed to positively impact communities around the world. Alleviating municipal waste will help to transform the current global environmental and health problems into real solutions by generating clean energy resources, providing overall sanitation improvements and ensuring real, sustainable organic food production. Waste to nanopowder with state-of-the-art VORTEX technology by tornado power and further converting with 3D printing technology is the overall solution for any city worldwide. 

Global challenges demand innovative thinking. AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks are the result of such innovative thinking. As the human population increases, so does the strain on the environment caused by intensive energy demands, aggressive exploitation of natural resources and massive accumulation of waste. As of today, the AVIS Global Group of firms has over 120 green energy facilities in operation or development in South America and a further 80 around the world.

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Products & Manufacturing of the Group

PROJECTThe AVIS Group reached in 2022 to be the largest and most sophisticated green energy development and construction enterprise worldwide. Each constructed facility project developed by AVIS converts, in principle up to 20 million metric tons, of all kinds of rubbish into nanopowder to be further utilized in the new 3D adjective printing manufacturing industry.

PROJECT EXPANSIONFranchise formatting (like McDonald's). Up to 2022 we have collected above 200 facilities to construct worldwide. Our intention is to launch each year of at least 10 industrial parks.

PRODUCTS OF THE GROUPReceiving waste for treatment against gate fee payments. Nanopowder for the adjective manufacturing. Selling of nanopowder.

  • Prototyped new high-tech equipment
  • Alternative heavy water Generators 3D printed in high-tech graphene composites
  • 3D printing of green high-tech buildings
  • 3D printed high-tech greenhouses for growing plants replacing the meat industry with 3D meat printing
  • 3D printed Graphene fashion
  • 3D printed aquanaut products
  • 3D printed nanotech robotic products
  • 3D printed alternative graphene–carbon cars


(a publicly traded corporation)

AVIS BANK PRODUCTSAVIS Arts of Cards. A product similar to AMEX.

  • Target is the AVIS bank registered in each country by the relevant central bank. Creating of IBAN numbers in many as possible countries and completing the bank system for clearing service at a high level for construction funds movements.   
  • Derivative issuance and the register and trade at the green stock exchange in Luxembourg with dual register in interesting countries 
  • Green project finance by alternative formatting
  • High volume trading in interesting fields for the finance support of green projects 
  • Digital USD issuance and distribution
  • AVIS Greens issuance and management. The first new real value money in gold covered by graphene 
  • The AVIS Greens financial hub for the management of our sovereign fund

Bank user onboarding

Process for a new user registration and transaction processing GoTo

AVIS Bank Risk and Management structure

Regulator Documents

  1. Terms & conditions
  2. Regulatory statement
  3. Legal statement
  4. Return & exchange
  5. AML Regulatory
  6. Email use policy
  7. Audit Committee Guide of Reference
  8. Board Credit Committee
  9. Board Risk Committee
  10. Terms Of Credit Committee
  11. Privacy policy
  12. Risk in trading
  13. Risk Management
  14. Financial Crime Guidance
  15. Cyber Security Policy
  16. Data Science Management
  17. Customer Compliance Guidelines
  18. Wolfsberg Questionary FCCQ
  19. Wolfsberg Questionary CBDDQ

Group Register Documentaries

  1. AVIS Global Energy LTD 
  2. AVIS Capital LTD
  3. AVIS Bank Limited (still not published at the RBZ website)
  4. AVIS Global Green Energy Fund LTD
  5. AVIS Congress Hotel PLC 
  6. AVIS Fintech PLC
  7. AVIS Magnetic Technologies PLC
  8. AVIS Logistic LTD
  9. AVIS Global Group PLC
  10. AVIS NucTron PLC
  12. AVIS NoAge PLC
  13. AVIS Atom Threads PLC
  14. Blue Bank International N.V.
  15. Blue Financial Group
  16. Efecty
  17. Servientrega


  1. AVIS Logistic (PTY) LTD
  2. AVIS Energy Canada LTD
  3. AVIS Global Holding LTD (Canada)
  4. AVIS Green Industries Colombia SAS
  5. AVIS Capital LTD Mauritius
  6. AVIS Green Industries Group Spain SL
  8. AVIS Energy Egypt
  9. AVIS Energy Zimbabwe (Private) LTD
  10. Diversified 120 Franchise project SPVs

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