ABIQ Transfer/Debit Register


  • Large institutional real time payments IP to IP from any & to any bank
  • Digital cash transfers from licensed senders to cards and banks worldwide
  • Automatic debit MT104
  • API gateway
  • IP server gateway

We accept payments if following data are provided:

  1. Sender Bank name
  2. Sender Bank URL
  3. Sender Bank IP address
  4. Sender Bank officer name
  5. Sender Bank email address
  6. Sender Bank phone number
  7. Sender KYC download
  8. Sender FX Contract download

ABIQ is a worldwide interbank network system similar like SWIFT for the direct transfer of SWIFT messages, MT103 and debit MT104. 

Financial institutions and corporations are connected by IP to IP or API, https, or any suitable high secured connection.

Global Server

ABIQ functionality with the AVIS Card Scheme Worldwide

Our system configurations connect the AVIS Card acquiring SWITCH by automatic MT104 debiting direct or via SWIFT bridge to the card issuing banks worldwide. 

Our intentions are to extend our gateway connections into any banking network suitable for the creation of a large open loop decentralized direct transfer & debiting system.