Your Firm join the worldwide AVIS Umbrella sponsorship

IT Gurus join AVIS 

You create and manage what the AVIS Group worldwide in IT needs 

Constantly editing, servicing and working at the based on CS-Cart 

Creating constantly new storefronts for the users 

Emigrating the users exiting e-commerce to the AVIS marketplace 

Job as In-house server manager

How you own money? You get shares of AVIS Fintech PLC 

You get paid every month, a basic fee and;

You get paid every month a portion of the fee the marketplace creates

This is it how works

Please read carefully about the format, your firm become an AVIS Umbrella corporation for the benefit of you and AVIS.

(Closing time = means paper processing time is usual 90 days for such an operation)
(Amounts for demonstration purpose)

Your corporation has a value of GBP20 million and an old share structure of 2,000,000 shares issued and owned by the shareholders today.

Step a) You fill with an authorized AVIS agent the option contract for selling your corporation into the AVIS Umbrella and you expect to receive GBP20 million within 90 days after the option contract signing, at the agreed closing time.
Step b) AVIS Bank will open a transaction escrow account for your corporation and will transfer cash GBP100.000.000,00 into the account.
Step c) Your corporation will issue 100,000,000 new shares. Each share for a value of GBP1,00.
Step d) AVIS Bank will release the GBP100.000.000,00 from the transaction escrow account to your corporation against the delivery of the newly issued 100,000,000 shares of your corporation.
Step e) AVIS Group will engage the corporation with AVIS project jobs and will finance the jobs.
Step f) AVIS Bank will register the shares at the stock exchange and sell for GBP20 million shares, and the selling prices will be paid directly to the seller of the corporation.


  • The seller of the corporation received GBP20 million in cash. 
  • AVIS has its manpower extended.
  • The corporation has now a secured job structure, benefits from the AVIS Global power
  • The seller of the corporation could consider remaining with the corporation as a manager and remain with a portion of the shares. 
  • The AVIS Teams, we will modify very carefully the firm structure for a positive success at the exchanges at the right time. At the end will be a multibillion $ deal benefiting all of its shareholders.

Why your business should join the AVIS Umbrella?

You join thousands of alternative green-oriented high-tech family members & engineering teams 

You get all the jobs entering daily worldwide from all the thousands of AVIS members and from all the AVIS marketplace users

You are published by the in-house AVIS TV satellite centre and broadcasted into social media and your product is constantly marketed

You have easy access to the AVIS Bank financial systems and Panama-based in-house broker and trading platform 

AVIS converts your firm into a publicly traded corporation dual listed at the UK, Luxembourg and New York exchanges

It is a new worldwide banking concept…

You will edit the AVIS concept

You will connect the "multibanking" platform

You will be servicing and extending the system

You will monitor the in-house servers

How do you own money?

You get shares of AVIS Fintech PLC

You get paid every month, a basic fee

You get paid every month a portion of the fee the banking system creates

Agents, brokers, facilitators, intermediaries

AVIS needs to join corporations from many sectors for the functionality of its marketplace 

AVIS register and finance your firm at the stock exchange

How you make money?

You get a portion of the stock exchange registered shares from the firm you brought to the AVIS table

You get paid every month a basic salary

You get paid every month a bonus from the firm's business you brought to the AVIS Umbrella

You are a Film/TV Studio

Video Animation Creator?

Secure Your Future Market with AVIS

Constantly creating and editing press releases via TV stations (satellite) and social media

Online advertising and selling of products at the marketplace

The news constantly what’s about our world in reference to the environment

Publishing all BS against the population via WhiteWest

Jobs and Next Lifestyle Creation

Fashion, e-Cars, Airspace, next generation of jets

Video streaming of action and futuristic films

How do you make money?

You get shares of AVIS Fintech PLC, a British Public corporation

You get a portion of the fees every month the marketplace is creating

AVIS invests in your organization for your worldwide presence

Cartoons & Cinema

Explainer videos in animation and real-life TV productions about the AVIS green politic
Cinema film producers for Pilot films and serials for the
AVIS TV and marketplace News constantly what about on our world in reference to the environment and futuristic technologies

How do you own money?
You get shares of AVIS Fintech PLC, a British Public corporation
You get your pre-agreed payment for each film production
You get a portion of the fees every month the marketplace is creating

3D Printed Graphene Fashion

It is a new worldwide concept whereby the models are 3D printed directly at the interested boutiques.

You will manage the concept

You will constantly add new stiles via the concept

You will be worldwide to extend the memberships to interesting shops

You will work with the In house TV Station and social media for marketing the concept

You are a Car Manufacturer?

How digital twins give automotive companies a real-world advantage | EY - US

3D printing of e-Cars in Graphene Composite

with the proprietary AVIS e-Drive…

You will manufacture the concept

You will distribute worldwide

AVIS will deliver the patented concept 

AVIS will finance the worldwide industrial manufacturing

AVIS will invest by convertible loan into your world production

International Construction Corporations

AVIS will invest into your corporation in form of a convertible loan to shares or will purchase directly your shares

Size should be up to 100,000 employees

The firm will be converted into a specialized 3D robot printing firm for the construction of up to 20 green energy industrial parks at any location each year

The firm will run, maintain and servicing the industrial parks forever


If you sell your bank institution, we have your save home

AVIS Bank Limited will acquire your financial institution for the extent of the international functionality in host local construction servicing and licensing.

AVIS Bank function is the capital processing of the AVIS international green industry construction 

This is it, how easy your firm will be moving into the AVIS Umbrella

by SHARE OPTION agreement

You're selling your financial institution, corporation
or manufacture, or you need capital for the expansion or purchase of technology?

You can't get enough clients from the market? or..

You don't have access to the international markets? or..

You cannot extend easy banking technology and its networks? or..

You are tired of dealing with large, complicated correspondence banks? or..

You cannot validate buyer's offers, moreover you need a partner helping you?


Join the AVIS Umbrella Enterprise and
find your secured future by keeping your
financial institution or your firm in your hand,
and at the same time increase dramatically the
value of your shares.

You think so, it's a dream? Not at all ...

AVIS, an international green energy franchise
development, finance, and construction
conglomerate requires you wherever you are located. 

Open your unlimited industrial Bank account in a minute 

This is how easy you are moving into the AVIS Umbrella 

Your corporate documents you must upload into your account for validating and fill the form below

Only takes 10 minutes for a new account register

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