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 - ACAP - 

Treasury management of the AVIS Global Group

18 years experience in lease finance & financial engineering of large green projects, globally

Technology Investing

We're investing into

Strategic institutions

Into strategic banks, financial institutions

and construction corporations

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Finance the product developments, prototyping and productions of the AVIS Global industrial Marketplace, specialized in: 

Waste2nano powder industrial parks 

Waste2nano powder bulk carriers 

VORTEX technologies Nanotechnology generally 

Free energy production nuclear and graphene based 

Alternative meat production 

Nanotech medicine & anti-ageing high-tech 

3D printing of graphene — carbon composite


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We invest in payment technologies to ensure our 

independence from the principal banks 

and for our customers' freedom


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Sic Code 64191
Sic Code 64910
Sic Code 64922
Sic Code 64991
Paid up Share Capital
Luxembourg Exchange LEI
Deutsche Bundesbank SEPA CID


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Financial leasing
Activities of mortgage
Finance generally

Green Bonds and Shares 

LEGAL STATEMENT: The value of the Securities may depend not only on the performance of the Underlying, but also on the creditworthiness of the Issuer, means AVIS Capital (ACAP), which may change during the lifetime of the Note. The investor is exposed to the risk of default of the Issuer. If the Issuer fails to make a payment or becomes insolvent, investors could lose some or all of their investment. The Issuer Ratings indicated in this web-offering reflect the situation at the time of issuance and may change. However, the Issuer intent to minimize the risk about the collateral basket value. In a potential event of insolvency of the Issuer, the collateral basket maintains its assets value. 

Read carefully: Term and Conditions under "Pledged Assets" in the Notes Offering memorandums

AND: Even in an event of a financial crisis among the financial market whereby standard first class bank products could lose its entirely value (example as happened in 2008) the collateral basked of AVIS maintain its value about the investment into the Green Energy Industrial Parks

AND: The Note holders benefit from the overall pledge of the constructed Equities and the first class Insurance wrap covering any risk event of the Equities offered

AND: Read all about Private Placement Programme