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Bank Account Opening / Online

Documents for industrial payment required:       KYC form    |    Card authorization form     |    Franchise contract form

Pay To Go for Franchise Members

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Our Large Card Payments Bank Systems designed for settlement of invoices for products on our marketplace. If you do not have an invoice or order number, please first select your products for the creation of the order or invoice number. If you have a special condition agreed with an agent, the agreed portion will be accredited at your account.

If you are a Franchise Investor, download the form and fill the required information and upload the contract at the form below.

After you have completed the form, what's happen next?. The Back-office team will debit your card. If you have not pre-cleared the transaction with AVIS, our Compliance team will need some days for clearing your operation. Read more

Don't forget the Invoice number, you pay with your card.
If you do not have an AVIS Bank account, you must open first online your personal or business account. The monies debited with your card will be accredited at your account and used conform your agreement with your personal AVIS Agent. 

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If you Accredit Money to Another Card