A) Group Contract Forms

  1. 2018 KYC formulary for filling
  2. Equipment and Construction Leasing Contract
  3. AVIS Global Energy Share Purchase Contract
  4. Franchise Contract for Country Constructions
  5. Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement, Simply Form for all business purpose
  6. Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement, Special Purpose Form
  7. AVIS Global Energy Option Contract for a Corporation (Umbrella) English
  8. AVIS Global Energy Option Contract for a Corporation (Umbrella) Spanish
  9. Option Contract Form for a Technology Corporation
  10. Checklist for a Green Energy Project Planning Form
  11. AVIS Capital Asset Management Form for Private Placements
  12. AVIS Capital Equipment and Construction Leasing Contract
  13. AVIS Bank Trading Account Creation Contract for Financial Brokers
  14. Call Option Contract for a Financial Institution (become a AVIS Umbrella Member)
  15. Private Placement Trade Invoice and Bond Power Form A
  16. Private Placement Trade Invoice and Bond Power Form B
  17. AVIS Bank Drafts Cashing Form Application
  18. Bank Drafts Demand for Payment Form
  19. European Norm Waste Keys Classification Form for Delivery
  20. AVIS Global Energy Independent Agent Agreement (IC)
  21. AVIS Global Energy Acquires a Technology or Technology Corporation
  22. Waste Delivery and Sourcing Contract for Strategic Partner
  23. Franchise Investor Contract for Industrial Payment by Bankers Draft
  24. Letter of Authorisation for Verification of Funds
  25. AVIS Greens Option Contract for the Purchase of Coins
  26. Investment Contract for Franchise Partners Forex Payments
  27. Franchise Investor Contract Industrial Payment by Credit Card (POS)
  28. Franchise Investor Contract for Industrial Payments with Collaterals
  29. Contrato de Opciones para Companias Institucionales (Bancos & Similar)
  30. AVIS Global Energy Ambassador Certificate Form
  31. AVIS Global Energy Export Invoice Template
  32. Franchise Investor Industrial Payment Contract by Collateral Delivery
  33. AVIS Group Standard Mutual NCNDA Form
  34. External Industrial Service Payment Agreement
  35. AVIS Bank Collateral Order Form 2019 for General Applications
  36. AVIS Bank Deposit Slip Filling Form 2021
  37. Franchise Industrial Payment Forex Contract 2021
  38. Know Your Customer Form Standard 2021
  39. Private Placement Guide 2019 (Password Protected) - Request Access
  40. Source of Funds Declaration 2021 for Investors and Franchise Members

B) Regulators Documents

  1. Anti Money Laundering Regulations 2021 (AML)
  2. Email USE Policy 2021 for IC Contractors and General USE
  3. Swiss Standard Risk in Trading Normative and Generally Information

C) Merchant Services

  1. Merchant Acquiring Term and Conditions
  2. Merchant Application Form
  3. Merchant Application Questioner Form
  4. Direct Debit for Account and SEPA Debit Form Authorisation
  5. Debit Card Authorisation form
  6. CreditCard Debit Authorisation Form
  7. Franchise Investment Contract for Green Energy with CreditCard Payments

D) Public Presentations

  1. Facility Launch Presentation English
  2. Facility Launch Presentation Spanish
  3. Country Introduction Generally
  4. Country Introduction Easy Understanding
  5. HJK World Fashion Presentation 2021
  6. Green Energy Texas Construction Project in Reference for Project Host
  7. Municipal Introduction and Invitation Letter
  8. Country Introduction to Governments and Central Banks Personal Form
  9. Country Introduction Neutral for Governments and Central Banks
  10. AVIS Bank Limited Share Prospect & Corporate Documents
  11. AVIS Global Green Basic Construction Project Description for Industrial Park & Infrastructure
  12. Technology Introduction Presentation for the Merger with Industrial Corporations
  13. AVIS Global Energy Master Plan Share Prospect 2017 to 2023
  14. VORTEX Tornado Power Mining Application Prospect
  15. AVIS Project Web Prospect & Technology Presentation 2021
  16. Aquaculture Project Prospect & Calculation
  17. Waste Wrapper 2020 for Garbage Interims Storage and Waste Transport
  18. 2007-2019 AVIS World Construct Status IMF Government Invitations

E) ACAP Derivative Issuance

  1. Green Bond Prospect 50CHF ACAP 2-28 04022022
  2. Term Sheet AVIS Capital CH50Bln-5%
  3. AVIS Capital Fund (ACAP) Memorandum Offering Prospect

F) Team Employment Contracts

please verify validity of members only at our public Ambassador site

  1. Independent Contractor (IC) Agreement 2022 for AVIS Capital & AVIS Global Energy
  2. AVIS Fintech Independent Contractor Agreement (IC) for IT Team Members
  3. AVISPay Master Distribution Agreement
  4. Employment Contract Group Executive Team Members
  5. Employment Contract Junior Staff Group
  6. Employment Contract Junior Staff Engineering Team
  7. Employment Contract AVIS Bank Executive Team Members
  8. Employment Contract Junior Staff AVIS Bank
  9. IT Hiring Contract

G) Financial Data 2021/2022

  1. Construction Budget World Project Investment World Calculation Updated in Q1
  2. AVIS Bank Opening Audit 2022 Grant Thorton
  3. Audit 2022 Q1 AVIS Bank Limited
  4. Audit 2021 AVIS Capital Limited
  5. AVIS Global Green Energy Fund Limited Audit Report 2021

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H) API Documentation

  1. API Documentation page
  2. Payment Option Plug-Ins

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