Decentralized Power Production

Grid energy transportation is outdated and lost in cables
the future source of electricity is alternative green 
generators at the basement of each building

Did you know when electricity was first introduced, people were actually afraid of this shocking new technology? US President Benjamin Harrison reportedly refused to operate light switches in the White House when they were installed in 1891 for fear of getting a shock!

Energy is today the foundation of human opportunity. Electricity powers our industry, drives our digital world, and lights up our homes and hospitals. It’s also a fascinating part of our human imagination! So with all the wonder in the world ahead of us.

We have supported already in 2007 the first alternative power technology inventors in Brazil and many other science fiction energy technologies which looks like become now scientific fact. 

AVIS NucTron PLC read more and AVIS Magnetic Power PLC read more are driven by brilliant human beans for ignite the change

We invite brilliant alternative energy products, inventors, and engineers to become a motor at the change of the population's energy politics. ITs TIME TO CHANGE 

We help in completion, prototyping and going to markets. Read more