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Municipal Waste, industrial waste, toxic waste transformed by VORTEX power and innovative high technology solutions, to Nano Powder

3D Printer 

3D printing (sometimes referred to as Additive Manufacturing (AM)) is the computer-controlled sequential layering of materials to create three-dimensional shapes. It is particularly useful for prototyping and for the manufacture of geometrically complex components

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3D printing is sometimes hailed as a revolution for architecture and construction. In fact is much faster and cheaper than conventional building, and that it has a smaller environmental footprint. But so far, machine-printed buildings have not materialized in significant numbers. Most examples are one-offs and are not fully habitable. The technology is hard to reconcile with building codes, and large-scale printers are scarce and expensive.

However, robotic architecture is still maturing. Recent examples include an office space in Copenhagen (2017) and a micro-home in Amsterdam (2016). Last March, an Austin startup named Icon debuted a tiny 3D-printed house, built in less than 48 hours, at South by Southwest. 

AVIS teams merger with large constructors for converting their production into the new 3 kinetic fusion printing technology by using nano powder 

Rubbish collecting & transport by 

carbon - graphene 3 D printed trucks