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17 years ago our adventure started in Germany. Today we are considered as a generation franchise project for develop, finance and constructing of green high-tech centres worldwide. Our intention is to support all cities in environment issues, power generation and alternative meat production. Our input material is all kind of raw waste, which we grind into nanopowder with VORTEX mills, sort out the elements and feed the 3D printer product manufacturing

Our politic is easy: We join in franchise every entrepreneur, financial institution, constructor, university, scientist and engineer willing to support. You are welcome If the world project receive help from you in a developing sector of AVIS. You must working and meet other AVIS teams and franchise partners for jointly targeting the completion of the project. 

The project costs are every day heavy: We have developed a unique financial model, started 2007 in London and from there into the entirely world. Since then we have collected for the construction important amounts of capitals. These funds we're keeping in our servers, in correspondence bank network and in cards. 

The cash flow of the world's principal capitals into green project supports is a fact, and we definitely with AVIS Bank have a save home for all these monies.    

For moving  the funds freely to the host location where a developer or franchise works and to the different sectors we ourselves are working on, we have constructed a unique banking system. Shortly, we are delivering a unique card payment scheme to the population. IT members working every day in our AVIS Bank system for fine-tuning the technology. 

Every developer and team player receive a portion of fully capitalized shares from the involved transacting “AVIS SPV” corporation. (will be traded at the stock exchange at that time, when trading value reached).

Our intentions are for supporting financially all our members in its processing and the team members in our banking sectors must support and work towards for the free money flow to all sectors

Our digital marketplace will be ones it is finished and final formatted, “THE CENTRE” of the next generation lifestyle distribution.



2005 — The AVIS Global Energy team consists of a variety of highly qualified engineers, scientists, bankers, inventors and industrial managers with the objective of developing an alternative green energy project with the target to change something worldwide. 

The initial waste to petrol technology has been born by Dipl. Engineer Schraufenstetter from Munich and Dr. Dr. Rammensee, from the Colonian University, Germany.  


During all these years our technologies assembled we could tremendously improve compared to the test facility 15 years ago established at the Siemens industrial plant in Fürth, and in Munich Germany

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2013 — In Spain, the first industrial facility for the production of cold conversion agro-petrol have been launched

2017 – We have decided to exchange the technology to waste milling for the production of nano powder by VORTEX power air mills

The decision have been taken by the fact that the petrol based energy production will end soon


During the R&D and developing time we collected from nearby any country worldwide construction land, licenses, logistic, infrastructure, financial support and banking systems helping us to move forward.

Today, our Group grow into a worldwide franchise enterprise with above fifty subsidiaries and more than one hundred franchise members. We created our digital merchant bank and construction funds collected during 17 years covering almost all construction cost at our international contracted host locations. 

In 2022, we decided to launch a principal high-tech center in Spain for the manufacturing of our equipments of our green energy industrial parks. Read more about

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