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Production - System

Silk embroideries look and feeling will be standard in 3D printed Graphene fashion Artwork. To archive the HJK high quality and smoothly silk feeling of the collection, existing technologies could not be used for. That have been a real challenge. However, it has been archived. 47,000 Fashion Models will be now available to be

Philosophy of 3D printed

Based on the compositions of Christian Audigier Versace, Cavalli and on my own experience in purchasing of first-class fashion in London, South France and other world Metropolises, I have created a niche product. Only the style direction of the coveted models was my inspiration.

So has been started
During years the designer has used all his free-time to draw artwork in form of ornaments for the creation of a different fashion collation. A timeless assortment of creations to fit any person including child’s with feeling for high quality healthy and tasty autofit.

The Collection contains ..

* Mini dress carrier
* Mini Dress with Bell Sleeve
* Evening dress in Silk
* Sleeveless T-Shirt
* T-Shirt pipe sleeves
* T-Shirt Button Neck
* T-shirt bell sleeves
* Long-Shirt Sleeveless
* Long-Neck Shirt Button
* Long-Sleeve Shirt tube
* Long-Shirt bell sleeves
* Nicki Pants back pocket
* Nicki Jackett Zipper
* Kids Collection
* Slip
* Panties
* Simple collar Shirt
* Dual collar Shirt
* Shirt Triple Collar
* Jackets
* Winter Jackett
* Cut
* Belts

Fashion Project Prospect (nSsAY3kaQBqt2ft, 14 Kb) [Download]

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