GPI, IP, Cards & RTGS high-volume transfers

Processing steps for large unlimited industrial payments: Depend on the source of your funds, you are obliged to process the payments of large green energy franchise construction invoices. In such event, you need first order your product. The Marketplace will provide your invoice number you need as the additional transfer reason.

For any question, conditions, including fee and risk coverage structure, please contact your account manager.

Card payments and debit: 

  1. Direct debit  
  2. Credit Card Authorization Form 
  3. IP/DTC payments
  4. Offline / Online payments
  5. Commercial Franchise & JV Contract

Off-Balance funds will be handled in a commercial payment infrastructure. The AVIS Group will exclusive process large payments, confirm the AML regulatory requirements. The AVIS legal team maintain with the central and clearing banks all the necessary agreements for such operations. The funds processed will be accredited into a new opened account of the sender and released to confirm pre-agreed conditions. Please download the Franchise Forex contract fill and sign and upload into your account profile.

and: Your account must be operative, funded, and you have to fill and upload into your account, the following forms. If you are an investor franchise, you must maintain an active trading account:

  1. Investor Franchise Account
  2. KYC declaration Source of funds declaration 
  3. ATV authorization of verification


Request to enhance your account to Gold Status by contact the account managing team via message

Contact the AVIS Team for any inquiry.

WhatsApp +34 640 350 260

Skye ID: avisglobal

Pay As you Go Payment Gateway access: Pay As You Go