Franchise Country License for a Construction Development

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Country Project Example

The AVIS Country Licence guarantee the following rights:

The right for ordering, developing, leas finance, planing, construction and management of one or more AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks at the Territorial of one Host Country with following exclusive rights:

FRANCHISE shall act as Exclusive Representative of AVIS at the Host Country with one or several Host Franchise corporations under the AVIS umbrella FRANCHISE shall act as Representative and be the representative office of AVIS Bank at the Host Country

FRANCHISE shall be Representative of the AVISPay World System

FRANCHISE shall receive full AVIS Green Energy Lease Finance for the construction project

FRANCHISE shall have access to Microcredits for Infrastructure Finance 


Country Franchise License (7ZDAqmNNd8A2JGS, 14 Kb) [Download]

Country Introcution (nXftRKG3jy5qLYZ, 14 Kb) [Download]

Project Example English (wLZRzkZmMXA8FeM, 14 Kb) [Download]

IMF Project Worldwide (Q7QjYxdWdPgdD3r, 14 Kb) [Download]

Host Project Example (aHakMpBHHSBEAEy, 14 Kb) [Download]

Waste Keys International (XkncrmT94LM4CP7, 14 Kb) [Download]

Factory Pr-Planning (nSsAY3kaQBqt2ft, 14 Kb) [Download]

Master Plan / Share Prospect (qrzBKmFbfaxpLQJ, 14 Kb) [Download]


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