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Sixty-five countries have engaged the AVIS Global Team for the developing financing and constructing of a green industrial parks. In fact, up to 2021 above 200 industrial parks we need to launch the construction phase. In eight countries we have agreed, the developing of green cities for working and leaving spaces for one million peoples surrounding each of the high-tech nanotech facility.

Wherever a green energy industrial park we're developing could be the possibility to construct in franchise the developing, financing and constructing of a green infrastructure centres, if it is of interest. 
AVIS keeps between 60% up to 80% control of any project 
The host franchise team must provide infrastructure, land and experience
Any facility will be constantly improved to the latest state-of-the-art technology 
We try not to be involved into any political affairs
We try not to be involved into any power struggling
We try not to be involved into any anti-social behaviour 
We try to finance each of the Installation to 100% by: 

Green bond issuance, 

Off balance unlimited investment capital repatriation

Private placement infrastructure finance

The AVIS Global team works closely with several central banks and have the AVIS Bank software and server system developed for the functionality of a high-volume clearing bank with unlimited capacity. For any regulatory issues AVIS maintains in London a large international lawfim for processing and comply with the international AML regulations. 

For the required construction, development, and management power for above hundred thousand engineers we are supporting and merger various construction firms in Africa, Europa, Asia, and South America

Documents for legal transfer processing required:

Please fill, sign and upload all documents into your new AVISPay account profile

The invoice you create at checkout, and you will receive it by email automatically 

You must follow along the steps:

1. Open an AVIS Bank Franchise Account

2. Fill the: KYC Form

3. Fill and sign the: Source of Funds Declaration

4. Fill with a AVIS Team member the: Forex Investor Franchise Contract

Helpful information

a. AVIS Global Master Plan 2005 to 2023

b. AVIS Project Mapping

c. Budgeting Construction World Project


Basic Project Understanding (e5SYMJsscCGfEsp, 14 Kb) [Download]


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