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Take your chance for doing something big. We need you... 

  1. Social Networker
  2. Representative agents 
  3. IT technology
  4. Master AVISPay-AVIS Bank distributor & operative agent
  5. Bank Operators
  6. Management teams in general at CFO and CEO level
  7. Engineers for the nano powder prototyping division

JOBS in AVIS Bank...

  1. Experienced Agents, representing AVIS Bank, are welcome (you must prove some years track record history)
  2. SWIFT / payment operators
  3. Legal department participants
  4. Derivative issuer and operators
  5. Bloomberg / Euroclear / Stock Exchange operators for trading and clearing
  6. Credit card production and handling department 


IT designer job description for the transforming and completion of the AVIS marketplace

Metaverse-3D.jpeg?1685693100706We hire skilled team players with the following skills;

Completing the logistic of the AVIS Global Marketplace;

Transforming all 2d artworks into 3d interactive for the metaverse functionality;

Creating or editing of missing tools in particular;

  1. Join the Crypto Exchange converting team for transforming and managing 
  2. AVISCard expert for acquiring, card issuing and software SWITCH management
  3. Creation of the investment algorithms software for high-speed trade investment platform
  4. Creation of the bond and shares creation platform (Capital)
  5. Creation of the WhiteWest platform (WhiteWest)

Product text writing for the description

Journalists for publishing of AVIS Press and AVIS TV


3D designer is to design and create three-dimensional models based on the corporate artwork and product specifications and requirements. Your duties will include developing 3D designs for new products, reviewing and enhancing the 3D design of existing products, and understanding project requirements. Using computer-aided design (CAD) tools, you will develop design layouts for complex projects as well as primary models and sketches for the final product design. As a 3D designer, you are also responsible for participating in brainstorming sessions and team meetings.

3D designers responsibilities

Photoshop-3d-workspace.png?1685691192279Examples of responsibilities for 3d designer working fields, representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Manage and release data into and from corporate Basecamp.
  • Fulfil the task of improving the firm's product artworks by 3D-Medium Software
  • Transform existing Photoshop artwork portfolio created and from similar software programs, and it's handling into 3D interactive.


  • 3Dtraining.jpeg?1685690782540Aid with various drafting services in AutoCAD and other similar software.
  • Light the environment art in 3d studio max and Photoshop.
  • Work as AutoCAD or Photoshop designer for the AVIS Group product artworks.
  • Create 3D model and create an animation artist team as well as game developer on explainer videos.
  • Create highly accurate models of city landscaping and for the 3d printers industry.
  • Verify existing drawings, correct and add as-built documentation.
  • Work with engineering teams to develop 3d schematics for plant and equipment documentation.
  • Work with marketing firms and AVIS TV teams to develop particular requirements on products
  • Managing the daily task of users of the AVIS marketplace
  • Helping of onboarding new sellers 
  • Constantly managing of the marketplace and improve the 3D look and feel

Your working environment location in SpainZeichenfla%CC%88che%206.jpg?1667160535022


Jobs for prototyping...

Join the team at the new Spain 3D Prototyping High-tech Center


Flats for the first months of acclimatization we have for you available

Engineering teams and interesting peoples are welcome and join the team in our new production infrastructure in a historical location of Spain. We're preparing for your accommodation several flats nearby Cartagena, Spain. Shortly, we publish details of the available leaving infrastructure. 

Why Cartagena Is One Of Spain's Hidden Gems

How you get paid

Basic salaries, payable each month into your AVISPay account with credit card

Bonus participation on the income of the designated firm

A number of “Golden Shares” from the designated company (how much depending on your job agreement)

Start of job: NOW

Duration: long term and start with a valuation time

The first 6 valuation terms with Independent contractor agreement

Insurance and retirement plan included after the valuation time 

Find your working agreement

  1. Independent Contractor (IC) Agreement 2022 for AVIS Capital & AVIS Global Energy
  2. AVIS Fintech Independent Contractor Agreement (IC) for IT Team Members
  3. AVISPay Master Distribution Agreement
  4. Employment Contract Group Executive Team Members
  5. Employment Contract Junior Staff Group
  6. Employment Contract Junior Staff Engineering Team
  7. Employment Contract AVIS Bank Executive Team Members
  8. Employment Contract Junior Staff AVIS Bank
  9. ANNEX for all Employment Contracts reference Pension and Insurance Payments Regulatory 
  10. NDA Protection Agreement for Professionals 

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