Waste Contingent Ticket 1000MT

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We accept up to 20.000.000 metric tones municipal, industrial, electric and toxic waste. Secure your safe harbour for your rubbish by purchasing contingents in option contracts. Each contract for 1000 metric tones must be free delivery to an installation of AVIS and will cost you €80.000,00. The final price will be agreed after acceptance of the waste composition and terms and conditions. 

 The AVIS Group entered into construction phase.

At all the international locations we're now accepting waste delivery contracts. The Capacity of each of these facilities are between 1Million metric tones up to 20Million metric tones per year. AVIS will construct at least 10 facilities every year. A facility will take until up and run up to 15 months.

In the interims time AVIS will deliver waste ballers for storage and transport and if required container based facilities. Subject the legalities are completed at the host location.

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