AVISTruck Electric Garbage "OPTION"

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The transport vehicle concept in 3D printed by a composite of carbon graphene will have a total weight of less than 2 tones. Means the loading capacity is more than 25 tonnes and the truck is at least 300 times stronger than the today monster trucks running on our streets. The proprietary AVIS propulsion 3D printed reverse tesla electric engine moves the truck powerful and secured above thousand kilometres. In fact, we do not have any idea about the range the truck will have.  

AVIS syndicates several cars and truck manufacturers for the production of these new revolutionary transport technology

AVIStruck, today, still just a word. But tomorrow...

The AVIStar & AVIStruck is a concept for now, but we are working on merger & acquisitions with experienced car manufacturer super close for prototyping and demonstrating to what the production car will look like. It's based on 3D printing technology of carbon and graphene base and will follow by a variety of different high-tech models. The AVIStar & AVIStruck concept uses four electric motors with a combined output of at least 1200 horsepower. All AVIStar & AVIStruck vehicles have newest graphene batteries and a powerful HMD generator on board producing in tests up to 8000 amperes.

AVIStar & AVIStruck are the future. The assembling of the technology concept will be providing a new experience of transporting. We see automakers add more and more EVs to their line-up’s. Everyone is working on electric vehicles, from well-established existing manufacturers to new names such as, Byton, Canoo, and Rivian. We've compiled a list of every electric vehicle, from concept to production, that isn't available yet but will be soon. However, absolute none of the manufacturer have the intention for deliver to the population an impacting new model. The technology is available already. 

But,.. it is not of interest in the well-established manufacturer world to jump over a generation to the next level as they must be selling units for money to keep high production for the shareholders and not deliver a model that will be functional for 50 years or more and transport you to wherever you like to be. Fully automatic mane while you are having a nap or coffee on board. The secret non-metal based raw materials, like carbon graphene composite 3D printed.

5 to 7 site luxury vehicles and transport trucks

A new reverse tesla engine provides about 300 horsepower to each tire. And the Nano powder employed for the artwork printing of the entire vehicle including the propulsion system have been generated out of rubbish milling by employing of VORTEX power.


Full autopilot steering by smartphone & Satellite control 

Full all-round monitoring of obstacles and automatic course corrections in milliseconds

1000 and above km minimum range (unfortunately we have still not range test absolved)

>200 km per hour speed

>890 KW (1200HP) power

<800 Kg weight


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