Cirrin is for people who want to open up blood flow to their capillaries and/or break down their mucus forming plaque and plaque buildup. This is what allows Cirrin to work so well as both a Cosmeceutical and Naturaceutical. Cosmeceutically it is for people with aging concerns, including hair loss and thinning, wrinkles, brittle nails, and skin issues involving lack of circulation. Naturaceutically it is for people with poor circulation and plaque buildup issues, including arterial plaque, headache, stroke, and heart attack issues.

It is for people who have clogged arteries, hair loss, and wrinkles. It is also a part of the Biodrux Cosmeceutical Collection, also known as "The Supermodel Regimen". Cirrin is for those who desire translucent skin on their face and entire body, as well as thicker, longer, stronger, and faster growing hair and nails.

Maintaining clean healthy veins and arteries is one of the best things you can do to avoid high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, loss of sensitivity, and heart disease. Heart attacks and strokes are highly preventable through the simple adjustment of your lifestyle, diet, and exercise activity early in life. This helps your blood vessels stay clean and unblocked. Once arterial plaque begins to build up, it becomes increasingly more difficult to remove. One of the reasons is because blockage in one area may cause blockages in other areas. This creates a chain reaction that increases both plaque buildup and blood pressure. Once to a certain point, whether or not you start drinking tea to break down fat intake, begin eating good fats (HDL cholesterol), and/or avoid eating bad fats (LDL cholesterol), your arteries will still continue to build up plaque.

Even signs of aging, including wrinkles and hair loss, are a result of poor blood flow through your skin's micro capillaries. If proper nutrients and oxygen cannot get to your extremities, scalp, organs, brain, and skin, due to blockages, they begin to rapidly deteriorate and age. Even certain aches not related to arthritis can be caused by constricted blood circulation. As you may already know, many headaches are caused by sluggish blood flow in your scalp.

The Suggested Amount To Be Taken:
The suggested dosage is 4 capsules 3 times a day for an average adult with mild to severe needs.

The Biodrux Cosmeceutical - Super Model Regimen - Step 6
Take Cirrin. If you extinguish the original cause of wrinkles and enlarged pores by restoring your skin thorough blood circulation to the smallest of microcapillaries, you will notice the effects immediately. The thickest dry and leathery skin would come to life again with porcelain luminescence. In other words, you would have rosy cheeks again. You may be surprised how quickly you see a difference.


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