It's for people who have high blood pressure.

An unstable circulatory system increases your risk of heart attacks, strokes, vision problems and even kidney failure. High blood pressure can occur even if you have a perfectly healthy cardiovascular system. Something as simple as salt can boost your blood pressure to a point where you are at risk for heart attack. The reason is because salt retains water. When salt gets into your blood your blood also retains more water expanding your blood volume. Blood volume is typically referred to as blood pressure, therefore it raises your blood pressure.  When your heart has to pump a higher volume of blood in the same amount of space, it becomes strained and the risk of a heart attack increases. Your endocrine system, including your adrenals, also raises your blood pressure. If you are frequently under environmental or emotional stress, your glands secrete unhealthy levels of hormones. This multiplies your risk of heart attack and stroke.


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