Millennium CF

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It's for people exposed to new rapidly mutating flu viruses, such as H1N1, or for those who simply want to boost their immune system.

Today‘s international travel and the transport of animals accelerates the proliferation of viruses and their ability to mutate in different climates. This acceleration is happening at alarming rates. Many times flu virus mutation‘s occur so quickly that your immune system simply cannot adapt fast enough. Humans get viruses from chickens, pigs, ducks, horses, and a variety of other common animals. The most recent animal flu based international epidemic was the swine flu. In 2009 alone, the swine flu killed over 22,000 people worldwide.

Today‘s environmental toxicity and pollution also play a large part in the mutation of flu viruses. Your greatest defense against flu viruses and cold season is to have a strong immune system. Vaccines only help you rapidly adapt to viruses that are similar to the virus strain introduced by part particular vaccine. In contrast, if you make your immune system flexible, adaptive, and resilient; you can adapt as fast as the rest of nature does. The best method for flu prevention is to be strong enough to ward it off and not catch it in the first place, not to just be able to fight it once caught.


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