A-balm: suppressing hunger for 4 full hours. 

A-Balm, Biodrux Appetite Suppressant Lip Balm, for people who want to quickly suppress their appetite with a 100% natural hydrating lip balm. A-Balm suppresses your appetite for a full 4 hours. It is also for people who want to maintain their sugar levels, including hypoglycemics and diabetics. It is also for people who want their sugar levels to stop causing them irritability and mood swings.

Your body works on 30 minute contraction and expansion cycles. When your body is expanded you feel hungry. 

A-Balm keeps your stomach contracted for a full 4 hours.

This allows you to go about your day without the overwhelming burden hunger brings. A-Balm allows you to be happy guilt free skinny you have always wanted to be.

A-Balm also helps maintain your sugar levels. Your body only secretes insulin when your stomach is expanded. 

A-Balm works by keeping your stomach contracted, and thereby maintaining your sugar levels. This is why this supplement is ideal for hypoglycemics and diabetics alike. It allows them to feel normal for the first time.

The biodrux Cosmeceutical- Super Model Regimen- Step 4 

As a preventative to any further damage, use the Appetite Suppressant Lip Balm (A-Balm). Taking all the effective steps to halt aging and restore skin radiance is compromised if you eat food known to increase your LDL cholesterol levels and cellular toxicity. The Appetite Suppressant Lip Balm (A-Balm) keeps you productive by supporting blood sugar balance and energizing your stomach.


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