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It's for people who have extremely high or irregular sugar levels.

Symptoms of diabetic and pre-diabetic patients include extreme fatigue after eating, decreased ability to contract muscles and soft tissue, and deteriorating vision. People commonly try to supplement their pancreas insulin production deficiency with insulin shots. Insulin is required to convert glucose, consumed starches and sugars, into energy for your cells to burn. When this conversion fails the glucose reaches toxic levels causing diabetics to spontaneously fall asleep while driving.

Simply supplying your body with the missing insulin is not enough to completely correct sugar level related issues.

Artificially supplying insulin only helps your body convert sugars and store the converted glycogen in your liver. Unfortunately this makes you dependent on receiving further insulin shots, to sustain normal insulin levels. Externally injecting insulin into your body only conditions your pancreas insulin secretion, further crippling your body‘s own ability to produce insulin.

The best solution for your blood and sugar spikes is to rapidly repair and revitalize your pancreas and kidneys. This will allow your pancreas and kidney to properly do their job of maintaining your sugar levels. Their job is to quickly and rapidly respond to your eating and body temperature.


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