Taosalt: is for people who demand deep yet gentle molecular detoxification and cleaning, without chelation. It is for people with cellulite, high blood pressure, risk or occurrence of stroke, alcifications, cysts, cancer, and those suffering from toxic build up.

Tao Salt‘s benefits reach far beyond any other salt known to man. Tao Salt does this without any negative attributes associated with table salts. Table salt naturally forms clusters when it enters your body. These clusters cause blockages throughout your entire body; causing cysts, calcifications, cancer, and many other serious complications. These clusters only continue to grow with the further ingestion of table salt. This is because the clusters cannot be broken down and excreted from the body unless ionized. Ionization is what allows these calcifications, cancerous cysts, and other toxic build ups to break down into small enough particles to be removed from the body though the process of urination. In addition, excess salt in your kidneys prevents you from filtering out toxics and even raises your blood pressure. It does so by making your body retain water. The extra water in your blood increases your blood volume, known as blood pressure. These are only some of the side effects of sodium. Again these biochemical reactions lead to strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, compromised immune function, obesity, calcifications, fatigue, short term memory loss, toxic build ups, and even cancer.

Tao Salt does none of this. In fact, Tao Salt does the opposite. A molecular cluster of processed iodized salt in the body has been measured to be 400 times bigger than Tao Salt clusters. This means that Tao Salt‘s molecular size can only be measured in “Angstroms“. What this means is that Tao Salt‘s molecular size is so tiny that it penetrates not only between but within your smallest cells. Both inter and intracellular penetrations are crucial for your body‘s ability to push out the years of compounded toxins and calcifications. Your body‘s inability to push these out is extremely taxing on your body. Tao Salt both structurally pushes toxins out and breaks down these toxic clusters and calcifications to a size than can be easily flushed out of your body through urination.

Research shows that most cyst growths in the breast are caused by iodized salt use in food, which would have easily been prevented with extended use of non-iodized prime mineral salts. Cardia was approved as a drug in the 70‘s for high blood pressure and diabetes by the FDA. Cardia is comprised of 99% non-iodized salt and some trace minerals. This was revolutionary, but did not do enough to keep its popularity. Pure salts are not dangerous since they bind to trace minerals. The binding of trace minerals is what allows toxic clusters and calcifications to be excreted from the body. In addition to penetration and detoxification, Tao Salt acts as a carrier of trace minerals. Just imagine the benefits to your kidneys, nerve endings, brain, blood, hormone stores, and every bodily system after taking Tao Salt.


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