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It's for men who have prostate swelling, and assists men with all other pre post andropause symptoms.

As you age your prostate continues to swell. The swelling and the symptoms associated with it are commonly known as andropause. This is the immediate precursor to prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society states that one out of six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Even if you are one of the lucky five out of six, you are even more prone to many other side effects of your prostate being swollen. The most common side effects are erectile dysfunction, urination problems, blood in your urine or semen, and pain in the lower back, upper, thighs, and hips. Many of these symptoms make a normal lifestyle virtually impossible.

The best solution for these symptoms is to address the underlying issue, and balance out your endocrine system, prostate cells, and hormone levels as a whole. Doing this requires working from both the cellular level and the biochemical hormonal level. After successfully balancing all of these, you will return to the vigor of years past.


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