Testimonials by Medical Professionals

Dr. Mitchell Golflies, M.D., S.C.

 My staff and I have personally used your medication. We have offered it to selective patients. Our initial impression is very favorable. Overall, the medication appears to provide the effect as advertised

Lina Kim. Dipl. Ac. Edmonds, WA

 Ive been supplying Biodrux products to my patients for over 8 years. Among the products, Noagin is one I use consistently for myself and my family members.

R. Himmel, Dipl. Ac. Mill Valley, CA    
I use Cirrin along with (Bioprin, Leitzin, and Cibici) for all of my patients under chemotherapy treatments. My patients present less side effects and are able to manage their health. 

L. H., O.M.D. L. Ac Sabastopol, CA

 I am happy to report our success with several of your remedies. In particular Fountin has helped our menopause patients with hot flashes and Arthurin our rheumatoid arthritis patients with pain

Nancy Hokanson, Dipl. Ac. RN, Trenton, NJ

 I have used Cycalign on hundreds of patients in the past 10 years. It has never failed my patients. From severe to mild PMS, this product is invaluable. 

Nancy Hokanson, Dipl. Ac. RN, Trenton, NJ

 My son plays tennis semi-professionally, when he broke is arm in 2 places he was told no more playing for 6 to 8 weeks and his arm was casted. I have been using you r products in my practice for years, so when Fixbin was made available, I tried it on him. Within 2 weeks of taking the product, we took him in for x-ray, no sign of breakage. We removed the cast, his physician is amazed

J. Strickler Dipl. Ac. NY NY

 My patients come to me after using this product (Serenadin) and cannot stop thanking me for changing their life. Anxiety and panic attacks are gone with no side effects. Incredible! 

T. Malka, Dipl. Ac. La Fayette, PA  

I had tried everything with on 32 year old patient who was suffering from severe PMS and endometriosis. Nothing helped until your formula Endomet. Within a couple of months, all her symptoms were mitigated."

J. Nabors, Dipl. Ac. Evanston, IL

 I use Leitzin in combination with Bioprin and Cirrin for all my patients with cancer. The results are wonderful; my patients tolerate chemotherapy very well while maintaining optimal health. I have found that my patients do not have a need for pharmaceutical anti-depressants and pain relievers, less drug side effects, healthier patients. 

Nancy Hokanson, Dipl. Ac. RN, Trenton, NJ

 I been able to use Loculin with very successful results, often my patients can stop using other medications

M. Unwin Dipl. Ac. NY, NY

 I take Millennium CF daily for prevention and have not been sick this year. My most severe flu case, a 50-year-old female patient had extreme cold and flu symptoms, she took this product and was completely healthy in just 3 days. Amazing!

M. Zach, Health Consultant, Jacksonville OR

 We recommend Immortals Facial Soap to all patients with chronic skin problems, result are fast and permanent, this product helps even where prescription meds. have failed. 
J. Ramholz Dipl. Ac. , Fort Collins, CO

  Bioprin is without exception the best product available. I have given this product to both young and old patients, it always comes through. Often I have seen that Bioprin works for patients with chronic pain even when narcotic pain relievers fail. Thanks. 

Jonah Chin. Dipl. Ac. Emonds, WA

 Before I became an acupuncturist, Ive suffered from a severe case of Hepatitis. Taosalt, along with moxibusion, saved my life. Since then, I recommend Taosalt to my patients and my family members.

S. Bennet, OMD, Dipl. Ac, Allentown, PA 
Cirrin is an excellent product, I have had excellent results with older patients with chronic pain. 

M. Unwin Dipl. Ac. NY, NY

 My 40-year-old female patient had a history of severe PMS, insomnia and depression. Its been 2 months since she began taking Cycalign and now has no sign of any kind around her menstrual cycle. She has to keep track on the calendar. Fantastic product.  

Dr. B. Scott Jones D.C. , Mukilteo, WA

 My life has changed immensely due to Epstin. Six years ago I experienced my first asthma attack due to alder pollen. I ended up in an emergency room in a crisis. I was forced to have inhalers and more decongestants. Since that episode, in the spring I go into hibernation mode. This spring a patient of mine recommended your formula Epstin. Within minutes all my allergy symptoms were gone. It has been weeks and still I have no need for my asthma medication. I have been playing golf and jogging 3 times per week. I am recommending this product to all my patients. 

J. Nabors, Dipl. Ac. Evanston, IL

 I put Epstin to the ultimate test. I recommended it to a new patient, female, 37, suffering from chronic fatigue for over 10 years, unable to work, allergic to food, chemicals, carpet, perfumes, etc., very low energy and poor digestion. Within one month she was excising, had normal energy and could eat anything she wanted, she could tolerate carpeted rooms and plants. Im impressed. 

Dr. C. Buttelman, M.D. Seattle, WA

 My daughter is autistic and often has stress in new situations. With Serenadin she can handle new situations and has more of an attention span. She behaves better in school and at home, she is a happier child 

L. H., O.M.D. L. Ac Sabastopol, CA

 I am happy to report our success with several of your remedies. In particular Fountin has helped our menopause patients with hot flashes and Arthurin our rheumatoid arthritis patients with pain

S. Jenkins-Collins DC, Chicago Il

 I am always amazed with Leitzin. My patients swallow the capsules and almost without exception, walk out much happier 

R.P. Dipl. Ac., Ontario Canada

 I just tried Migralin on a patient who had suffered with migraines all her life. She had just begun the course when she suffered a migraine attack. She called and I advised her to take more of the capsules, she did, her migraine subsided and she has not had an episode for over a month now 

J. Strickler Dipl. Ac. NY, NY

 I have found the combination of Millennium CF and Bioprin highly effective for the treatment and prevention of viral colds and flu. I have used this combination on myself, with my wife and children and with many patients

A. Holzer RN, Sebastopol, CA

 Savagin is very different from other garlic supplements, no offensive odor and very mild. Additionally, I like the fact that it is not a concentrate, which can be dangerous to certain patients. I use it regularly for prevention. 
M. Unwin Dipl. Ac. NY, NY

   Male pt. 57, scheduled for hip surgery, because of pain and difficulty walking, took this (Arthurin) product along with Bioprin. He reports no pain in just a few days. He is walking his dog all over town. Your products are wonderful!! 

J. Strickler Dipl. Ac. NY, NY

   My female pt. with sciatic, was taking cortisone injections for pain. I recommended Bioprin with Cirrin, she is now pain free. She has reported to me the products are a life saver

J. Ostrowski Dipl. Ac. Tempe, AZ

 I recommend Cibici ( along with Bioprin and Leitzin)to all of my patients under going chemotherapy. They maintain normal blood counts, feel stronger and are better able to handle the course 

Dr. David Edelberg, MD Chicago,Il

 You have cured PMS in Chicago with Cycalign

M. Unwin Dipl. Ac. NY, NY

 I first tried Fixbin with my own mother, she is in her late 70s. She had been suffering with severe osteo-arthritis. I gave her this formula and within a few months of using it, she went to her physician for tests. She has tested as not having osteo-arthritis any longer. She feels and looks great. I now recommend this product to all of my patients for prevention and for intervention. 

Nancy Hokanson, Dipl. Ac. RN, Trenton, NJ

 I have used Serenadin on my patients for many years, most recently a 45 year old female patient had stopped taking Prozac due to side effects. I put her on Serenadin and within 2 weeks she is anxiety and depression free, she sleeps well, and has more energy.

Frank Yurasek, M.A., Ac.T   

Male, 17 yrs old, insulin dependent, used Diabetin and his blood sugar dropped from 200 plus to around 100.insulin from 28 bid units to 14bidI am optimistic we will continue to see his blood sugar stabilize and his insulin dependence diminish 

J. Ramholz Dipl. Ac. Fort Collins, CO

 Not only does Fountin eliminate menopause symptoms, I have had numerous patients who went into menopause prematurely and have regained their cycle.

J. Strickler Dipl. Ac. NY NY

 I have used Leitzin for my patients to help with post-partum depression. It works wonderfully for new moms 

S. Jenkins-Collins DC, Chicago Il

 I have found Migralin to work like nothing else on the market. None of the usual side effects of pharmaceuticals and migraine free patients, like medicine should be

J. Lemon, AR Skin Institute, Seattle WA  

We use your wonderful Immortal Pi 2 Creme in our clinic with immediate results. It is especially beneficial after dermabrasion or chemical peels to soothe and eliminate redness. 

Dr. S. Jones, DC, Mukilteo, WA

 As a physician it was very difficult for me to believe that my sex drive could be restored with a natural product. After years on drugs for my asthma (inhalers, antihistamines etc.) my libido had been somewhat suppressed. Vitilin is amazing I am recommending this formula for all of patients over 40! 

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