The main goal of AVIS is to support specific target groups such as inventors, developers, and universities in their efforts to create innovative and proven green high-tech solutions. This is made possible through the use of state-of-the-art 3D nanopowder printer technology and a unique global industry concept, as well as a specially developed financing structure.

Once upon a time, in 2005, we, a handful of idealists, launched the AVIS project in Germany. Our enthusiastic idea was to search for and join...
Africa's hackers are damaging industries. After COVID cybercrime increased dramatically. Everyone with a little computer understanding feels like a highly qualified expert in the IT world. IT criminality they consider as an interesting income streaming.
We experienced a push of high value institutions and financial power into AVIS.  The effects of the financial crisis on the global power architecture and on geopolitics. The concept of geopolitics, in particular its normative dimension, is discussed critically. It is problematic that it is seen as being that normal countries try to acquire as much power as possible, that there is a hierar-chy in the international system and that permanent...
Avis Cybercrime and international security division has expanded and been updated. The department handles all aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions and securing corporate assets and their members and clients.
The implementation of a global green project needs support of all kinds. It must not be misused for private purposes.
PROMAX joined AVIS PROMAX Investments, PROMAX United, PROMAX Finance and Preferred Partners are a dynamic, integrated, multi-disciplinary...
A milestone was reached today by the AVIS IT team. After 6 years of server and software development, we were able to release the first independent,...
Egypt is moving ahead. Since 2018, we have been negotiating with various potential franchise partners in Egypt. There have been many approaches...
Thanks god, we could move out of that location finally. We are being subjected to the worst blackmail and deformation process by some people who...
AVIS Exchange going live. In the latest high-profile switch to blockchain technology, the AVIS stock market will become the world's first...
Zimbabwe a pot of corruption instead of paradise Conform the Corporate expansion politic for the construction of green energy facilities around...
Leading IT design and marketing firm joins AVIS
Direct cash transfers from any connected bank to AVIS Bank 
Today, finding experienced team developing a complicated project as AVIS is whereby several corporations are involved having a strategic function...
In September 2022 joined Sencer S. an old team member, of the AVIS Group involved with us in 2007. At that time, we have created the first...
AEM meet AVIS Alternativas Energéticas Murcia, SL was born in 1990 of the split of a Hispano-Italian company founded in 1985, whose partners...
AVIS ready to join Grupo Meridial The Group diced to construct its 10 floating waste conversion facilities in Spain.  We have made...
Colombia's construction & derivative operation At the 29th of June 2022 AVIS entered into agreement for its men power expansion in South America...
Bank adventure Before the Reserve Bank finally granted us our Tier-1 banking licence last June, the formal process was a challenge between...
AVIS considers producing its industrial waste conversion fleet in Spain. It could be a salvation for the Spanish shipyard sector.  Spanish...
€ AVIS Group reserved For the adjective production center in the South of Spain. The genuine start of “PHASE 1” will be in the...
Will we have WORLD WAR III? Nostradamus' prophecies were so vivid and accurate that his legend lives on far beyond the sixteenth century in...
DIGITAL USD FLOATING INTO THE WORLD The U.S. Federal Reserve published its discussion paper on central bank digital currencies at the end of...
AVIS CONSTRUCTION DEPARTMENT FORMING Our teams have struggled during years for developing and actual construction of a Green Energy Industrial...
Will be here the next AVIS Center? We have not yet found the final location. However, the investigations of the infrastructure are encouraging....
Will be Spain, the next high-tech center?  British and German team members have been researching a large number of well established...
Russian aggressivity destroy green projects VORTEX mills, developed in Ukraine a decade ago and tested under constant improvement. In...
Africa will be going live After a decade-long journey and endless developments in almost all the African countries, we have taken our decision now...
Acquisition of a bank SWITCH The secured money flow in the banking world for business and private is definitely not a guarantee any more around...
The 3D printed VIP Black ArtCard in Titanium/Graphene Composite, it's a real powerful new Credit Card idea.
In June, the team decided to increase the merger and acquisition strategy. IT corporations, marketing firms and public relation organizations the group are focusing on. Several British and international firms have been invited to move under the umbrella of the AVIS Group. 
The decision has been made. AVIS now has been taken action for being public at the London Stock exchange by reverse merger with a Guernsey Corporation. From the 7,200,000,000,000 issued stock initially will 500,000,000 going to trade with an initial price of GBP 33,00 each share.
What is AVISPay? Not easy to respond. AVISPay is not only a simple Wallet account based on Fintech, like REVOLUT, N26 or Wise. The AVIS team, based on many years' software testing and international acquisitions of bank institutions, intent to create a new world of banking. It's a try to refine the banking world new. The today bank world is a disaster. We all experienced such bad behaviours of bankers painfully, in one or another form
AVIS Capital (ACAP) started today its strong presence for the South and North America green energy construction development. 2 Regulated Bank entities join as 100% subsidiaries of AVIS Capital. The Umbrella bank system for its final forming will take about 2 years for the trade of large volumes of securities at the primary and secondary market.
The today team has reached their capability of processing.
AVIS supports the car industry with new ideas. The team members were approached by several manufacturers to solve their problems with their outdated technologies. 
During many years we examined several intents to get public trades status.
Nearby 15 years AVIS Group maintain by its shareholders USD 20 billion under deposit.
About COV-Impact around the World we have interviewed our team how we're moving forward in research and prototyping of technologies.
The marketplace AVIS Franchise Umbrella is going live. The store it is the first worldwide marketplace whereby green high tech, real bio, organic and futuristic world meets the population. Inventor, industries, manufacturer, professors, universities, 3D printing world alternative fashion and new airplane technology, shipping and space tech. Fintech bankers meets projects. 
The African Finance Regulatory (AFRA) by the African Central Bank (ACB) is one of the original five financial institutions and specialized agencies of the African Union. 
AVIS has joined Servientrega for the logistic distribution and transporting of equipment, valor's and for the launch of a new recollection center of garbage with e-trucks. 3000 employees and a transport fleet of 2500 vehicles building a solid base for the extended role in the AVIS Global Network.
AVISPay is not only a bank account. Definitely, it is something much more. AVISPay is the first multichannel digital bank combining all we need for family management, absolute any bank management and processing, business and industrial, Institutional, staffing, accounting corporate processing and communication. All the tools in one single APP combined Register your own account in a minute!
The AVIS Team has been engaged for the support and development of the new United Currency of the African Countries and several Pacific States called LUMI.
It's the largest payment provider in Latin America with more than 9000 selling points all-over South America up to North America. The Network of Efecty and its technology will be shortly extended with the AVISPay banking system. 
Darling, I can't go with you tonight to the party. I have nothing to wear. Should I go in my underwear? .. Every week the same with you. Oh god, .. OK, let's viste the HJK shop at the corner, having a coffee.
Initially will be 20 Million garbage converted to nano powder in a single large scale facility. The construction time should be less of 2 years till production. Subsequent in phase 2 AVIS will construct further 2 facilities for the target to convert up to 60 million metric tones each year, 
It is a sad fact that the governments supported during decades the creation of nuclear reactors in its form today exclusively for the production of weapons killing humans.
Graphene is a new product capable of conquest the world. Graphene is up to 300 times stronger than metal and has no wight. The material is like silk with 2 dimensions of carbon atoms. Means there is NO body except one atom. By adding one sheet above the other we create a sandwich endless strong and super light, by still feeling like silk.
Immortality by Nanotechnology NoAge is the result of 15 years research in alternative high-tech energy, futuristic products and nature phenomena worldwide. The AVIS Team learned incredible high intelligent peoples to known and miracles of technologies, capable to change the today lifestyle of our humanity. These products have never been published at the world markets. Means nobody knows about. However, the live extension effects are in some...
The AVIS family group for its South America construction received above $20bln funds in 2017. In February 2018 the former president of Mexico, Nieto blocked the account of AVIS using non exiting reasons.
During the last 10 years the team have received so many requests for the construction of facilities at several locations in Africa. Unfortunately the right franchise partner could never have employed with the project. 
About the pandemic experience, the group decided to activate a historical project, elaborated already in 2007. The project mainly was established for testing large waste facilities to be mounted in bulk carriers. Such floating facilities could be moved to interested locations for operation without any complicated governmental approval procedures and permissions.
The pandemic shows its face how about the political streaming in Spain works. There is no security for AVIS at all. 
Large Funds Reserved The AVIS Team decided of activating its large capital reserves. More than 22bln USD are liquid available for the Group in...
Learn the principal AVIS project understanding and what the brand stands for:
The AVIS Team faced during the COV-19 time several impacting issues. 
In London the group changed the registrar, accountant and law team for the next level. Many aspects have been taking into consideration for change the registered office and accountant firm. In May the group was able to join a new British brokerage management team.  The team bought shares of AVIS and extended the UK team with an international powerful law firm and with a new corporate registrar and accountant. 
In November 2019 a French IT developer joined the team. The idea was to have an IT manager developing the requirements of the group. 
The team closed a contract for the acquisition of a Hungarian Bank.
The group develops seams 2013 at different locations waste treatment plants. The capacity of the 5 different facilities is around 5.000.000 rubbish per year. During next months the local franchise firm will collateralize and refinance the project to be ready for the editing into the new technologies of the group.
After 4 years of developing and testing of endless core banking systems the team decided to create its own banking platform. New technologies required to build a system combining new modern easy banking with corporate management.
The AVIS team started the issuance of 10bln Bonds to be registered at the Luxembourg exchange.
The financial modelling of the group coming to its end. The Group entered into negotiating with several potential candidate for merger and acquisition. 
Motril a City nearby Malaga constructed a harbour during several years. There is basically no business and the city Motril has no tourisms.
During week’s we're facing heavy falsifications of AVIS documents. Business partners contacting with false declarations. Misuse of AVIS Team Names, Passports and Emails including signatures falsifications.
We created for the overall finance of our unique project the AVIS Bank system and network. Ones completed will be one of the most advance bank system.
The AVIS Team entered into merger and acquisition of a Cayman based bank. The bank's core business was financing of real estates to interesting party at high interest. Substantial change of IT system development has been launched for the capability acting as an operative bank. 
Waste to energy means using generators burning gas and diesel. Waste to nano powder needs external feed of electricity. To avoid these negative impact we could secure several new power generator technologies. 
The Team reached out during last 24 months to brilliant inventors for validating various state-of-the-art systems. However, we could secure several unique inventions at the stage coming to light but need final research and finance.
The project has been grown significant worldwide. Developing and managing such conglomerate of franchise network needs automatic solutions.
Based on experience during years the engineering teams are forming basically completely new the assembling of the technologies in a facility.
AVIS members received a call from their shareholder in Mexico on March 15, 2018 at night. Our shareholder's son was kidnapped and PN. (we call him) has to pay at least 10 million as soon as possible.
A Turkish group, under the direction of an individual called himselves "Orhan", offered AVIS several security logistic staff, which are necessary for the protection of constructions in politically difficult international locations. The "helpful" gentleman then sent his colleagues from Germany to set up the AVIS security group. The AVIS team on site housed them for weeks in a hotel on Mallorca free of charge.
By introduction of a broker, the AVIS Group got involved in a financial transaction whereby, USD200Million should be financed in form of a Standby Letter of Credit issued by a first class bank in Mexico. The broker was aware that the AVIS Group has seams years strong relations in Mexico and established there a franchise network for the developing of waste facilities constructions. 
During the last 12 years team members of AVIS had the pleasure to learn about exiting technologies capable to change the face of our leaving environment. The team decided to support all these inventors of such technologies for further research and its commercial use. In an 2-year process the AVIS Team adjusted the politic of its core project from waste to energy to waste to nano powder for the fast growing 3D printing industry. 
In the last second the developer of the mega project decided to erect a AVIS Green Energy Industrial Parks instead the old outdated technology offered from a Spanish constructor. 
We delivered an SBLC of€250 Million for the launch of the first demonstration facility. The industrial park will generate 1000 jobs and clear the environment for 1 million people. Moreover, the initial cash guarantee will secure our construction development in Latin America.
PDVSA invited AVIS Tech Mexico SA under the guideline of its CEO Ramon Madero taking care of 15 million metric tons of Coque. Initially the plan has been to export and ship the by-product of petrol to the international market.
AVIS Latin America team is heading to its meetings with local Government for signing agreements to launch the AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks.
AVIS reached El Salvador with primary understandings for the developments of green energy industrial parks.
VIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks will help the country to improve fundamentally their disastrous situation. Due to political problems ongoing and based on international oil price politics the entire country suffers. 
AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks acting for and 3 City mayors respecting the environmental program of UNEP agreed and signed at Cartagena de Indias, 31 March 2016 
Fernando Cisneros con Ivy Beltran de Bolivia, Presente en el (XX) Foro de Ministros del Medio Ambiente, 
Lorna Inniss UNEP UN together with Fernando Carrillo AVIS Energy South America Group Manager - JF Latin America, speaks at the forum of Ministers of Environment Latin America. AVIS becomes a principal player in humanitarian actions for the environment.
Ministers of Latin America and Caribbean are holding meetings about fundamental needs for saving environment. Meanwhile, the AVIS Global team acts and starts development of land for constructing the first AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Park in Cartagena. The project will start soon, the construction licences are guaranteed 1000 jobs, electricity and organic food will be available for the population 12...
AVIS Energy Colombia S.A.S. has been launched to develop the Columbia territories. The Firm has been capitalized with 600 ha and 1400 ha first class beach front construction land. 
Columbia decided to maintain and protect its natural habitat by ordering for the construction of 50 AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks. 
Already seems 2014 AVIS Global Energy has developed South American continent with its Mexican partners and Peru team.
AVIS team South America developing the largest waste-to-energy installation worldwide at the periphery of Mexico City.
AVIS has agreements in place with the Venezuelan government to deliver 30 plants to all major cities in the country.
Peru in 2008 has been developed by team members historically. A new approach began in 2013 by a franchise member developing the territories in Peru for the launch of several green energy industrial parks, but lacked still not joined the right partners locally for successfully driving the projects, the process was slow.
The AVIS Global Energy Bond Program has launched the process with its Luxembourg Bank. The notes are more secured than a standard issue from any first class bank. The notes are collateralized by first class capital deposits, sovereign debts, insurance wrap and with first ranking mortgage at the AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial parks. The notes will be marketed by institutional sonicators 
AVIS Global Energy are developing the South American continent with its Mexican partners and Peru teams. 
The cities of Kaliningrad, Latvia, Moscow, Belarus, Azerbaijan agreed to develop AVIS Global Green Energy Parks.
Still, today the reality is that there are around the world the mayor construction corporation including the VIP energy lobbies offering to the people old poisonous and cancer producing “waste2energy” plants.
The AVIS team decided to enter into negotiations for the acquisition of a banking institution. 
Russia and the Balkan countries has ordered 50 AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Plants until March 2016 to generate energy and organic food by closing old facilities still working in waste treatment, poisoning mother earth.
Without any shade of doubt, solid waste is currently one of the biggest environmental concerns presently experienced in the Lagos metropolis, as in many other Nigerian urban centres.
Four AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks, erected at the megacity of Maracaibo, will help to permanently clean up the existing environment. To meet the population’s electricity needs and deliver 100 million metric tons of organic food and 3,000 tons of healthy sea fish to the population.
Greece The Greece team entered into negotiations with the Alexandria municipality, Thessaloniki waste authorities, Athens, Thessalia prefecture,...
WUSME INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP WASTE TO ENERGY  12. “World leading waste to energy solutions–complete solution” by Mr. Helmut Koenig  Mr....
AVIS teams started to develop the territories of North America. Unfortunately, the AVIS team entered into a war against mafia structures and greedy individuals. It is the hard reality that the powerful waste energy lobby are controlling and protecting old structures established against any new eco-friendly innovative energy systems. Rather than supporting the AVIS team they protected only their private interests and against the most powerful...
The Birth of AVIS Global Energy AVIS Global Energy secured the company’s name through a spin-off arrangement of AVIS Financial Corporation (a...