Description and final pricing depending on the plant design. The engineering team assembling a green industrial park will consider the final details of the required technology equipments.

Industrial Shredders used in a wide range of applications in recycling and waste disposal industry to reduce size or volume in large batches by shearing, tearing or crushing. It is divided into single-shaft shreddersdouble-shaft shredders and four-shaft shreddersDouble-shaft shredder meets most material disposal requirements thanks to its high shredding ratios, consistent work efficiency and low failure rates.

The shredders should produce presorted pieces at ideal size of at least 10 mm or less, cuttings for the automated delivery to the VORTEX mills.

AVIS uses several qualities and technologies of industrial shredders in an extremely wide range of applications and are capable of processing municipal waste, bulky waste, industrial hazardous waste, waste tyres, non-ferrous metals, electronic waste, plastics, cardboard and all other solid wastes. Combined with advanced intelligent control systems. The adapted systems will help to increase project automation and availability, reduce operating costs and system risks to achieve long-term development plans


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