The ultimate technology solution eliminates almost 
every environmental disaster 
Converts millions of tons 
rubbish into nanopowder and provides 
endless electrical energy

Waste Recycling facility

Loading Dock

Within 72 hours, fully functional. The container-based loading dock sends unsorted or pre-sorted waste by the tubes to the vessel for shredding and milling to nano powder. The dock will be covered by a solar glass dome with negative air presser to prevent external smells and air pollution. The intention will be processing up to 10.000MT every day. If in case the processing vessel is not able for docking directly at the harbour, the feeding tubes will connect the loading station directly with the vessel up to 1000meters.

Engine technology for exchange

A mix of HMD and new next-generation type of nuclear generators producing 50 MW (or more) electricity required for delivery to the host location. Zero CO2 and Zero Petrol and NO any of poisoned nuclear waste from the generators


1st vessel acquisition of a used bulk carrier for converting 

10 vessels ordering new construction, adapted to the plant formatting

Large recycling facility onboarded

Ten of principal robotic waste sorting lines processing 1200 tons each hour. 28,800 tones every day. 10,512,000 tones per year

The sorting lines deliver for final treatment the selected and shredded row material to the VORTEX milling batteries, for the converting into nano powder

Onboard waste milling

The tornado air power (VORTEX) rips any material into fragments of the size of nano powder

For final processing and 100% purity the powder is passing resonance tubes for the final separation and paging in secured 1000 litre bags for the exporting to 3D kinetic fusion printers and aversive 3 D printing industry

Start of development 

Converting such a ship into the first waste facility 

Tonnage: 198,980 GT 67,993 NT 402,347 DWT 

Length:  LOA 362.0 m (1,187.7 ft) LPP 350.0 m (1,148.3 ft) 

Beam:  65.0 m (213.3 ft) 

Draught:  23.0 m (75.5 ft) (moulded)

Depth: 30.4 m  (99.7 ft) 

Main engine:  MAN B&W 7S80ME-C8 (29,260 kW) (will be changed to NucTron generators

Auxiliary engines: 3 × Hyundai-HiMSEN 6H21/32 (3 × 1,270 kW) 

(The ship shown in the Video only is for reference)

Arriving — Docking — Producing

10 full automated sorting lines robotic 
10 shredders the latest generation
200 Nano mills for 10,000 metric ton each day converting
200 Nano powder separation units’ tubes
50 paging automates
20 × 3D kinetic fusion printers for spare part production and online order for prototyping and production of industrial products
300 jobs
HMD & atom reactor generators new generation
5 laboratories and 24/7 online connection with AVIS research centre
1000-meter dual feeder tubes x 2 up to maximal 6 feeder tubes
24/7 production
6 anchor systems
4 AVIS E-propulsion and autopilot system with 3meter geo stability

AVIS Umbrella Group High-Tech Development


1000 kg of rubbish collected produce 1000 kg nano powder of €30,00p/kg = €30.000,00

selling into the market at discount, makes the product interesting for the 3D industrial manufacturing (today market price is about €150p/kg)

AVIS Global is a waste recycling corporation using VORTEX power and the latest technologies for the production of nano powder and further to be used for the 3D printing manufacturing, prototyping and industrial production


Never has been done before COV-19 made us the pioneer in the next-generation life creation 

We do not know what’s going on in the international markets 

We do not know what’s coming against US the population 

We do not know what’s happening to our life and liberty BUT   

We know what we can do, —  create the first independent high-tech university. 

For research scientists, engineers, professors, and future thinking green life people and their families  

For brilliant students get onboarded, earning your AVIS master in IT, robotic, language, mathematic, 3D designing, artificial intelligence and nano medicine with high-tech university's clinic, particular of anti-ageing   

On board, what's happen?   

AVIS fleet command Prototyping production centre with 40 batteries of 3D printing artificial intelligence robots 35 high-tech laboratories & stress test centre 

30 - 3D large kinetic fusion printers 120 mixed batteries of 3D printers 

IBM Quantum computer centre 

Nano research hospital 

Offshore AVIS Bank Corporate register 

(the name of the vessel is for reference only)!