Swimming Waste Facility

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  • Receives up to 10,000 metric tons unsorted or sorted rubbish each day Receives municipal, industrial, and toxic waste 
  • Receives excavated old landfill waste, Delivers 50 MW electric power or more
  • Receives municipal, industrial and toxic waste Receives excavated old landfill waste Delivers 50 MW electric power or more
  • Delivers up to 10.000 metric tons 100% pure nano powder for the 3D printing industry each day Within 72 hours fully functional. The container-based loading dock sends unsorted or pre-sorted waste by the tubes to the vessel for shredding and milling to nano powder. The dock will be covered by a solar glass dome with negative air presser to prevent external smells and air pollution. The intention will be processing up to 10.000MT every day. If in case the processing vessel is not able for docking directly at the harbour, the feeding tubes will connect the loading station directly with the vessel up to 1000 meters. 

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