Bank SWITCH development worldwide for the unique Art's of AVIS Card's functionality

The AVIS SWITCH server in Africa & SmartVista 

It is an evolution of the BPC SmartVista card processing solution, adapted to run on the System i platform. Combining the comprehensive card processing functionality, modular design, and flexibility of the BPC SmartVista software application with the robustness and fault-tolerance of the IBM System i platform, SmartVista i offers continuous availability, high performance, and scalability.

SmartVista i is a result of extensive collaboration between the BPC research and development team and IBM experts from Russia, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. Built around the growing demands of banks and interbank processors in both mature and emerging markets, the SmartVista i solution represents a reliable and high-performance electronic payment system that takes into account all current payment technologies and ever increasing delivery channels. The SmartVista i high performance ratings mentioned in this paper were recorded during benchmark testing with high volumes of financial transactions at the IBM System i Center in Rochester, Minnesota. The exceptional fault tolerance of the solution was achieved by using Vision Solutions (formerly Lakeview Technologies) MIMIX HA1.

SmartVista i is intended for financial organizations of any size that wish to establish a solid foundation for their card business growth. With its ability to add and incorporate new functions and requirements with minimal time and resources, SmartVista i helps bring down total cost of ownership and helps users maintain it at reasonable levels into the future.

All SWITCH's AVIS maintains, are connected to Central Banks for unlimited seamless cash settlement

In Stockholm, AVIS runs its SWITCH in a high secured PCI-compliant environment. The custom-made software was during 30 years created by a team member of AVIS, a specialized coder of bank payment system. He learned the card payment software logistic as software manager by the VISA Card scheme during a decade

The AVIS licensed SWITCH software is a unique system, allows AVIS the creation of its own worldwide borderless and unlimited card program similar like AMEX with particular features, in need for the today digital payment scheme

AVIS Cards are a revolution in the payment world and definitely will be a change in the lobby behaviour of standard bank payment systems

The AVIS servers located in Liechtenstein, housing the core banking and marketplace software programs in a high secured location

AVIS maintains further bank servers owned by the group or contracted in Mauritius, Mexico, and Colombia

Finally, for completing the world coverage of the AVIS payment systems further 8 in-house servers will be in 2022 developed at strategic important locations including China and 23 SWITCH servers contracted and connected

The international card scheme of AVIS supports any kind of payments forms including force payments, card to card payments and a new security system for preventing fraudulent transactions.

Bank in a Box

Shortly AVIS Bank with its unique technology system, intents for providing worldwide a full automated Bank Kiosk where you make all your daily needs where a bank needs to be involved and where you get your tailored card at the spot. Get your stylish augmented glasses and make your bank business with a bank officer from wherever you are.