AVIS Global Key team

Helmut Koenig

Head of Board Global

Mr. Koenig is acting as senior Advisor of the AVIS Group Board Members. He is an electrical engineer, maintains a commercial master’s degree and studied colour psychology. Management schooling with Scandinavian team training. Specializing in designing, constructing of hotel complexes and urbanization. Designer of futuristic technology artworks and futuristic fashion. Financial engineering for banks and international system developer. VP at Arab Bank, Caixa Bank and external manager for Credit Swiss and Deutsche Bank. Licensed derivative developer and trader. Author of the HJK book collection. Head of the Board and logistic developer of the worldwide, AVIS Global Green construction project.

Alfred Schedler 

Global Director

Mr. Schedler is acting as a Director of the Corporation and as ambassador of the AVIS Global Environment Foundation, he is appointed as committee member to select the investment strategies at the different host location for the local environment improvements to where an AVIS Global Energy facility has been developed. He studied at the Feldkirch Professional Business school manufacturing small business units and his 30 yearlong experienced and trained in developing of small business units it is a fundamental base structure of any host location environment in developing countries.

Gerda M. Koenig

Global Director

School of Business, Project Management, Feldkirch, Austria Gerda owned her experience in building up http://www.xtecag.com/wordpress/. Specialist in manufacturing and management of Cement facilities. In later stage, she developed the family member owned business for production and international trade History Her function is the Koenig family to guaranty the integrity of the Family assets. Gerda as well as ambassador is active for the AVIS Global Environment Foundation.

Rosemarie Schell

Global Director Controlling

Mrs. Schell position in the AVIS World Enterprises is the Controlling, Monitoring, and Reporting of all Operations at any of the 35 Subsidiaries locations. Mrs. Schell works closely with the Logistic and security department of AVIS Global Energy. Her skills to monitoring and research ongoing processes in 35 countries prevent the AVIS Group of Firms from unexpected unforeseen. Any operation the AVIS Group of Firms develops will be blessed from Mrs. Schell after positive KYC processing. She worked for Xerox Germany for 15 years, among other things as Sales Manager Germany responsible for the office sector. As a coach, she later trained financial and insurance companies such as Deutsche Bank, Fidelity, AXA, Mediolanum Group, etc. in Germany.

Jairo Restrepo Chavez

Global Director

Property development and management in the United Kingdom, participated in negotiations and consulting in large development projects with mayor international investment companies. Representative & consultant for Latin America of European and Middle Eastern financial companies, for the investments with governments and financing of large development projects in Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Colombia. Avis Bank and AVIS Group Developer, Ambassador and Vice President for the UK and Latin-American, Acquisition, Expansion, and Franchise.

Agents International and Green Ambassadors

WhiteWestLucas Cruz, VP QUANTUM Bank & Franchise

Christian Lacroix, Agent

Sergyi Solod Director of AVIS Technologies and Re-Search

Assaad Kansu, AVIS Bank Chairman

Chris Brown, Agent

Boris Gritskevich, Director of AVIS Magnetic Technologies PLC

Alevanau Aliaksandr, Director HMD

Adolfo Pumar, Technology Architecture & Design

Wilfried Schraufstetter, Engineer Waste Technologies

Mohammed Mandeel, Agent

Bob Flockarth, Franchise Canada

Nancy Loehle, Franchise Canada

Reinhard Hazbun, Agent

Sharz Malik, Agent

Francisco Rodriguez Jimenez, Agent

Michail Joseph K., Global Agent, Paris

Michael Carrick, Agent

Andrew Restrepo, Adminstration

Alexandra Restrepo, Administration Back-office

Viresh Patel, Legal

Ragen Amin, Accounting

Shanz Akthar, Accounting

Mykhailo Solod, IT

Ariel Vallarino, Legal

Arturo Vallarino, Legal

Edmond Blake Andrews, Agent

Dr. Sung Harrison Baek, Director AVIS NoAge PLC and AVIS Atom Threads PLC

Vince Power, IT

Carlos A. Almengir C, Legal

Iaon Couchman, Head of Bank IT

Paxton Paul Jhon, Agent

Taps, IT

Tendai, IT

Jotham Zivikonaukwa, IT QUANTUM Bank

Taipa, IT

Carlos Zualaga, Agent Colombia

Marcel Nigtgevegt, Head of AVIS Fintech PLC

Ramzi Allen, VP QUANTUM BANK & Franchise, USA