AVIS.Tv is a newcomer to a green lifestyle. The idea is to assemble all ongoing information events on our planet for learning and experiencing, and how we at AVIS with our technology, will fit in. We intend to do our project around the existing disasters, political streaming, and power struggles. We at AVIS have reached a point by going globally live in parallel, constructing our own private green high-tech locations, and distributing our particular QUANTUM banking world. Likewise, we have been running against walls in whatever subject. Hardcore people, industries, politics, regulators, and banks didn't bless us at all for our project. As a result, we have grown wild as events have come. Like Mowgli in his jungle. 

Now it is time for it to come to light. We have acted for so many years below the radar. We didn't like to be published, nor did we do much on social media, nor did we have to request much from today's business environment. Furthermore, we have listened to all the strange comments and taken with a smile all the hits on our backs. 

It's time to stop this and start steering. This is what we are going to do now. We're creating software for mixing platforms like CNN, Netflix, and Fashion TV into a streaming platform to be distributed globally by satellite and internet. We are promoting our products by melting into a new lifestyle presentation. Green University, technologies, and laboratories and 3D printing prototyping are the motor for our TV platform. 

We're selecting a film studio with an international footprint by providing financial support against share participation and melting our project into their standards. 

We need your support if you have problems with the ongoing finances of your production’s studio. You will join our umbrella, and you will become a member of the most advanced green project of today. We constantly deliver adventure around our global development. Interesting stories and incredible technological events. And an independent financial structure we provide. Contact: