Corrupt Politic

With Russian forces redeployed, a Ukrainian resident rode a bicycle through the ruined village of Andriivka, west of Kyiv, on Thursday.Officials are currently drafting the most contentious measure to punish Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine: an economic war on Russian oil products. This measure has long been opposed due to the high costs it would imply for Germany and the potential to disrupt local politics and raise electricity prices.

The extent to which Russia's invasion of Ukraine has united the largest economic union in the world against Russian aggression is highlighted by the implied term around a move that was previously considered as politically unthinkable.  To become effective, it would need to be approved by all 27 members of the European Union.

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IMF is collecting the funds for reconstruction of Ukraine after war.
There is a principal question. Corrupt scruples politicians having somehow always to cash access. Why. What you think? For such screwed character is robbery, killing and corrupting a nice sport in the morning.

If such sick brain has been born in a wealthy family, such a guy is dynamite pure.

Such a killer is always surrounded of gangs are killing, raping and extorting. They are using the power of money to erase all opposition.

And, all the blended peoples are not less dangerous at their own..

Let’s see where we are all going too

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