AVIS has never accepted or signed any money distribution contract for any IP or GPI or DTC transfer. Any contract appearing on the broker market containing a AVIS Name is automatic fraudulent

We investigate carefully any false statements

The banking system of AVIS is only accessible for proved franchise members under enhanced KYC / AML control


Lately, the AVIS teams discovered that brokers misusing AVIS Capital & AVIS Bank and other group firm names for fraudulent activities particular for money transfers. Passports, stamps, and signatures appearing in cash distribution documents are falsified

Functionality 1

Using the location function and Google Earth or TomTom, you can see what's happening worldwide in “real-time” on any smartphone. Especially in the tourism industry, the program recognises which store the user is in front of. If the user is annoyed about any wrong offer or behaviour in the store about plagiarism or fraudulent offers, the user adds in its APP the event recorded with the smartphone into the WHITE WEST platform. The message with the videos and photos will appear instantly, and he will receive BlackWest status.

Any other user who walks into this shop or intends to move in will be automatically warned. This warning lasts until the business owner changes his business policy positively and reports his new status to the platform. This means any BlackWest could gain back WhiteWest status.

The business owner must prove that he has changed his attitude, and he has the possibility to publish his new product offers daily, which are accessible to the user with a "click".

How we finance WhiteWest? 3

  • By the corruption victims
  • Oppositions
  • Sponsors from the fashion industry who are able to withdraw their plagiarism from the market. They also put the gifts on the scoreboard.
  • Book trade “E-book sales” on the connected HJK site accessible via a link.
  • Advertising media for companies, restaurants, and shops that appear on the smartphone through location determination.
  • T-shirt and fashion sales in stores that are embroidered with the WhiteWest logo.

Industries Components 4

Anyone who sneaks an order through bribes is to be held accountable by the losing competition.

“Official arbitrariness” arbitrary government

Police assaults of all kinds. State frauds of all kinds. 

The range is endless

Touristic Industry 5

Every tourist can become an “activist”. A boutique somewhere sells plagiarism. Tourist makes cell phone video and sends it to WhiteWest

Adidas, Puma, Versace, Gucci, Chanel, and others sponsor the platform. You will be prompted to donate a gift to everyone who photographs the boutique in question. Together with Google / TomTom, the boutique in question is then photographed as a video/photo. The wrong offers can be seen in a short video.

On the other hand, in order to change from being a “BlackWest carrier” to a WhiteWest carrier, a boutique can publish its offers with a click. Every tourist can see on his smartphone whether the boutique is clean and the daily offers by means of location determination.

Justice Environment 6

Prisoners who are convicted of corruption, intentional misinterpretation, or are simply innocent, can transfer their case to a nominated attorney. This is in every country in the world.

After examination by a lawyer and detective agency (which operates worldwide and is involved in the project), the case is published on the platform.

The role of the corrupt organs is openly disclosed.

The private details, assets, bank accounts, residential addresses, as well as video and pictures document these processes, the judicial scandal

The lawyer takes over the representation of the victim against a contingency fee. Asks for damages.

Distribution of income: (?% The victim) – (?% White West) (% “lawyer”)

The story is wrapped in a novel. “Robin Hood” & mixed with the “Count of Monte Cristo” & “Sherlock Holmes” drags on or leads through the case.

The novels are exciting and funny to write. That could also be interesting for a film series.

A cartoon has to be designed which runs through all the chapters, also constantly accompanies the platform, where the “Robin Hood” & mixed with the “Count of Monte Cristo” & “Sherlock Holmes” find himself.

The short novels are sold as e-books after editing by/via the platform. Or through publishing groups in the standard book trade.

Profit Distribution 7

(?% the victim) – (?% WhiteWest ) (% “lawyer”)

Every country in the world has enough underutilized lawyers who can be contractually bound for this functionality

Startup and procedure 8

Design of the platform and programming of the app

Loading of injustices

Judicial scandals

Political scandals

Together with the HJK platform shop

Every browser program should offer WhiteWest already embedded

The smartphone producers should incorporate the WhiteWest portal into the operating system. This means that users – users are constantly protected from all wrong. A massive contribution to improving the standard of living.

Programming a comic,

we call it HJK

which moves through the platform


Text writing and words – what should the comic say?

Do you want to become an agent? Asking    HJK  Avatar goes into the shop.

This shop?    Excellent, great HJK Avatar with arm and thumbs up

This shop?     Comic turns disgusted.

Or he shows the gangsters there.   HJK Avatar discarding both hands by that he means – don't go in there.

There?    Well “so-so”  They have to learn (if only a few cases have been reported) It would be better to be careful waving both hands.

Thanks for your help in reporting the mess here

A platform like CNN 9

The stories, which are received through information from aggrieved parties, are skeletonised and written into short stories by a group of ghostwriters. Per Kindle", or similar, these are then available in any e-(book)shop or can be downloaded from the HJK shop, against payment.

If they are copied, a built-in security mechanism will destroy them. Good stories are sold by paperback worldwide.

The platform is a mobile worldwide, networked office unit, permanently online.

Holding form with headquarters or association in a safe country

Sponsorship system Sales system Advertising system

This is to be created 10

Organization chart – job description

A serious Avatar leads through the platform

Background: A street somewhere in the south – attractively modern

green and white construction

Category list – texts


Search by name

                       per incident

                       by navigation at the destination

                       per category

                       by keyword

                       Contact management


                       List of sponsors

                       News / Media / Link to the TV show   


                       Advertising, specifically the most recent cases 

                       Preview of the e-books

                       the 10 top bestsellers

                       online shop

                       Wanted persons

Hard cases – helping families with their tragedies

Contact/post receiving access points in all countries for legal support

Discovering of Cybercrime 11

If a shop is called up on the PC on page 1 and WhiteWest on page 2, WhiteWest recognizes the ID of page 1 and can display a warning if necessary. Or WhiteWest runs a standard APP in the background of every PC.

WhiteWest recognizes when a criminal shop has been called up (this is a kind of TÜV).

Team Members and Sections 12

Request help

Next security – a private organization that offers help

Statistics 13


Members and access to the Investigation's department as well as access to the HJK platform

Contacts management

Scorers / are agents or victims

Do you want to talk to other agents or victims--  yes/no

do you want to exchange experiences--  yes/no

make invisible--   yes/no

Do you agree with the publishing of your story in short novels and copyright agreement--  yes/no

Do you want to chat with others, agents/victims of the same offender?--  yes/no

Do you agree with the full media publication?--  yes/no

Languages 14

English basics and subsequent all languages

a) Set up the platform> Design + texts below (A)

b) Divide sections (categories)

B) App for smartphone

Location warnings at realtime 15

1) accesses navigation.

2) Accesses camera.

3) Do You want to report a mess? — Press record.

- Fill in your personal data form – Click on contacts (email & phone).

- Click on to send.

4) The app works like a location navigator for smartphones. The reported offenders are visible through warnings Location.

5) What has happened can be made visible by click.

6) Service supporter shops (WhiteWests) can have their daily offers displayed. The AI recognizes the user's behaviour request and limits showing the daily offer display.

7) On the PC, streets can be searched by mouse/finger navigation. This functionality is an advantage for every tourist, e.g. I want to find out about the hotel they have booked and its surroundings.

8) Which restaurants offer what.

9) For mobile phones, a panic button connects them to the nearest private security node. That's why contracts are necessary for “Pro Security” etc.

Case Info - Legal or corruption cases 16

  1. Name/alias name of the perpetrator
  2. Date of birth
  3. Addresses
  4. Photo/video
  5. Owners, bank accounts, vehicles, assets where-how-what
  6. Fail description
  7. Status report
  8. Media reports – Hyperlink
  9. Up to 200 pages of PDF documents can be saved
  10. Accomplice – hyperlink
  11. More victims — hyperlink, however, this can only be called up if there is mutual acceptance
  12. Access to the purpose of reporting, however, is directed to the clerk – lawyer – summons
  13. Short novel – hyperlink – book processing sector

How we are working? 17

Download the app to your smartphone.

Wherever you are.

Whether it's a shop, a boutique, or an event. Record everything on video. The more, the merrier. From the outside and inside. Show us the mess, plagiarism or whatever “he” is trying to sell. Fill in the data and press the report button.

You have to press the button where the event takes place, only then will we recognize the address of the mess via the location function.

Attention: do not forget to specify the category

Data and documents can also be transferred via any PC.

ALL for ONE - ONE for ALL 18

This is it, what we do!

For the first time, the video appears immediately. The case is visible.

A worldwide operating investigation team, internally checks the event within 24 hours (only in corruption and politics) and the case remains published – uncensored if necessary with attachments (documents or contracts etc).

The reporter's data remains anonymous.

Every report of plagiarism outlets is rewarded with a gift (producer campaign). Victims' representations by lawyers and prosecution of perpetrators.

Ours System - Our Function 19

We are a navigation system for any place in the world. We steer via smartphone.

Every user through the streets and places of the earth, past every disaster. We tell the user which shop, person, governmental body, hotel, service provider or internet shop everyone had better avoid or not.

We offer the offender (BlackWest) to apologize, improve and publish daily offers for shops on time. Restaurants, etc. This means that when the app is open, the user can see what is going on all around. Directly on time.

However, this is also an ideal, low-cost advertising opportunity for any business, no matter what sector. And access to every shop in every city, (sales opportunities' revenue strategy).

BlackVest 2 WhiteVest (short WhiteWest) 20

You ban pirated and counterfeit products from your business. In cases of corruption, you help the victims and with the investigation. You have to compensate for irreparable damage. How? The victims' lawyers are responsible for this.

Attention: In the event of a relapse, you will appear to every smartphone user as a – black – vest coat wearer and are to be avoided as a toxic, contaminated subject.

In addition, legal steps have been initiated.

About Us 21

A team of IT Gurus, ex-secret agents and victims of corruption scandals form the WhiteWest platform. 

In each country of the world, selected lawyers are stationed, who can be contacted by victims and the cases are processed after examination by the investigation group. As far as complicated cases are concerned.

Otherwise, the processing is electronic and in real-time.

Last but not least, each tourist becomes an activist. Means the population.

How we finance the platform? 22

Through sponsors, in particular, the industry is damaged by plagiarism.
Through the sale of short novels generated by the victims' criminal cases Private grants, and advertising revenue.
HJK Fashion – sale of a special collection the ornaments as well as the books are partly created by ghostwriters or criminals,
HJK - The team gives the tasks/matrix. The ghostwriters create short novels.
Through the advertisers in the daily newspaper section. (Automatically visible through the APP) all steered by avis.global
An oppositional person who has gotten into a judicial disaster in any country has absolutely no chance to defend himself against the arbitrariness of the organs of justice.
He is completely at the mercy of the authorities. In the absence of help, the world around is only black. Every effort is punished.
WhiteWest is a power that is capable of counteracting this arbitrariness, this rape of the state. 
An internet platform WhiteWest which publishes in real time every corruption fully uncensored.
All corruption wants to remain in the dark. Corrupt officials – organs not to be recognized. Their activities should remain hidden.
But that is over now.
A small overview offers the short description / overview
The platform is created in every language worldwide and contains the publication of every corruption, every injustice in every medium and in every economic sector.
Similar to a TÜV, the platform immediately raises the alarm through information.

Programming the 3D Interactive Avatar 23

We call them HJK an animated Avatar

Which moves through the platform

Shaping the character. The Avatar must be a sympatric Robin Hood or Lord de Monte Cristo.

What the Avatar talks about? 24

  1. Do you want to become an agent? Asking--    HJK Avatar goes into the shop.
  2. This shop?--    Excellent, great HJK Avatar with arm and thumbs up
  3. This shop?--    HJK Avatar turns disgusted. Or he shows the gangsters there. HJK Avatar discarding both hands by that he means – don't go in.
  4. You move the smartphone into another direction
  5. There?  Well “so-so” They have to learn (if only a few cases have been reported) It would be better to be careful waving both hands.
  6. Thanks for your help in reporting the mess
  7. HJK Avatar kisses the entire display

All Protected Categories 25

  • Internet scams
  • The Internet Shop Cheated Her
  • Scandals in politics
  • The building contractor has cheated them
  • The official is a corrupt pig
  • The hotel is a disaster
  • Corruption of state organs in general
  • Corruption of economic organs
  • Bribery
  • Bribery in the awarding of contracts
  • Oppositions
  • Suppression of minorities
  • Production and trade in counterfeit goods
  • Swindling of craftsmen
  • Smuggling of services
  • Smuggling of real estate agents
  • Injustice in trade in general
  • Smut from car dealers
  • Smut from rentacars
  • Cybercrime
  • The insurance company does not want to pay
  • The bank is a scandal
  • The restaurant should be closed
  • The hotel is a scandal
  • The reporter deliberately discredited them
  • The product is a disaster
  • The product is not worth the money
  • This is just a “rip-off
  • Environmental scandals
  • Environmental scandals
  • Any negative action against nature, humans, and animals.